Women’s March – Around the World

Wish I could have made it to Washington, but could only attend the march last weekend here in Ohio and it was inspirational. “Women’s rights are human rights.” You touch our rights and I will be protesting on the streets again and again just like I did back in the 80’s.

8 thoughts on “Women’s March – Around the World

  1. Wasn’t it totally awesome! So positive and inspiring. We had a huge crowd in Portland. Trump only saw it as an affront, but hopefully other leaders paid attention. I’m looking forward to the next one!


  2. It absolutely blew my mind how many marches there were and how many people actually marched. Dozens of my friends marched today. Dozens… and I don’t have many friends. ^_^ If my body would let me, I’da been in Seattle with the marchers there. It was pretty amazing to see. Alas and alack, I can barely stand, let alone march for miles. Perhaps next time. I’m sure there will be more.

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    • I am so proud of all the women who stand up for their rights, either out there on the streets or at home with their keyboard.

      I was blown away last weekend. I expected a few hundreds but they were everywhere. Thousands had shown up.


  3. I know that yesterday here there were marches in many of the capital cities…you are right there is hope for you and for the world when we see these events taking place in such a unified way…

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