Scientist baffled

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Calling it a “medical mystery of the first order,” scientists are baffled by the ability of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan to stand upright without the benefit of spines.

Doctors at the University of Minnesota Medical School, who have been studying the skeletal structures of both Republicans for months, believe that their ability to stand, walk, and even break into a brisk trot when confronted by reporters’ questions is “virtually inexplicable.”

“The fact that they can do these things without the aid of spines makes McConnell and Ryan anomalies in the animal kingdom,” said Dr. Davis Logsdon. “According to everything medical science teaches us, their bodies should be collapsing to the ground in two heaps.”

Read full article at “The New Yorker”  It gets better 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Scientist baffled

  1. Unfortunately, I am all too aware of McConnell. He’s my district’s Congressman…and has been getting richer by the year thanks to my fellow voters. I can’t stand him, and he’s now the most powerful asshat in DC. He’s exhibit A of why term limits for Congress are so necessary. Makes me sick to even look at him. 😠

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