The NRA’s Seat In The White Man’s House

This is not draining the swamp, this is being a puppet on a string for the lobbyists who are the puppetmaster. I am deeply concerned.

The Militant Negro™


The NRA‘s seat in the White HouseA picture is worth a thousand words.

Just yesterday, NRA leader Wayne LaPierre sat right next to President Trump as he held his first meeting about his Supreme Court nominee.

The NRA literally has a seat at the table when it comes to controlling our laws — despite the fact that their extreme views are completely out-of-step with the vast majority of the American people. It’s deeply concerning to see Wayne LaPierre at the table with Trump in a meeting about this important nomination.


With one click, send a message directly to Sens. Grassley and Ernst. Urge them to ask Trump’s Supreme Court nominee tough questions about where he stands when it comes to upholding our public safety laws.

We shouldn’t be so surprised that Trump is cozying up to Wayne LaPierre and other gun lobby cronies. The…

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13 thoughts on “The NRA’s Seat In The White Man’s House

      • You’re welcome! I look forward to your future content! And I hope enjoy my posts. I took an unusually long break from writing, but I’m back now and I’ll try my best to come up with some entertaining pieces.


  1. Thanks for this post. I’m totally in agreement with you! I’m an American and I never understood this obsession with guns. I, too, thought after Sandy Hook something would be done. I remember seeing Pres. Obama wiping a tear from his eye. The gun laws were not always this extreme, and in fact, the history of the 2nd Amendment has to do with slavery. It’s obsolete. But then our so-called leaders are getting more extreme every day. It doesn’t surprise me that Wayne LaPierre is sitting next to our Tangerine Tyrant in a very chummy way. When you really think about it, it’s all about money. The more people who buy guns (or the same people buy more guns) puts more money in the NRA’s pockets. This is a big issue for me and the way things are going makes me sick. Anyone concerned with this issue, check out the book The Second Amendment: A Biography by Michael Waldman, which illustrates how the amendment got started and how its interpretation has changed over time.
    Also, thanks for the link!

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    • I am a first generation immigrant. I come from Europe (Italy/Austria) both countries where either the law enforcement or the criminals have the guns. It has always puzzled me and I will never be able to understand.

      More guns, means more violence. It’s really not that complicated. I wrote down the book and will read it. Thank you.


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