Proud to be a Woman!

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“Women can be anything they want to be,” my Grandmother told me when I was just a little girl, and it was quite a statement back in the 70’s. ANYTHING meant there was no limit. I could become an astronaut or a fireman; I could play soccer for a living or be a famous mountain climber, perhaps even lead a nation.

I had read about a woman leading a country far away. Golda Meir, became the Prime Minister of Israel when I was not even 10 years old. Other women followed in her footsteps. I remember Isabel Martines de Perón, who became President of Argentine in 1974 when I was 11 years old. 1979, the year I graduated, Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and served three terms.

Women have been leaders in power positions, even in countries where we would at least expect it. I was surprised by Benazi Bhutto, who served as Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1993 to 1996 and the Chicago born Janet Jagon,  who became the President of Guyana from 1997 to 1999.

In the 21st-century women continue to be in power positions. One of them is Angela Merkel, who became Chancelor of Germany in 2005, and who continues to lead her country to this day and even Liberia elected with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf their first female President in 2006.

Currently there are 18 female world leaders  including 12 female heads of government and 11 elected female heads of state (some leaders are both-  figurehead monarchs are not included). Source: United Nations data.

And then there is the United States and I start to wonder if there will be a female President in my lifetime. Right now we have a Vice President who believes there is no room for women in the military and a President who doesn’t respect women and their rights.

I saw a picture of Trump surrounded by all white man when he signed one of his first executive orders, and it saddened me.

women power.jpg

A group of angry, white man. It’s a somber statement, not just for women. This country stands for diversity. Where are the Latinas, the native Americans, the negro men and where are the women?

Other countries are forward thinkers, while we seem to go backward. Take Sweden for instance.

women power2.jpg

The picture shows Sweden’s deputy Prime Minister, Isabella Lövin, surrounded by her closest female colleagues -including one who is expecting- and I couldn’t help but smile.

What a statement it is and what a contrast to the above picture of Trump. Some say she was mocking Trump and I can’t help but hope she did.

The climate bill she is signing in the photo aims to make Sweden carbon neutral by 2045 and “marks a new era in Swedish climate politics.” Sweden has criticized Trump’s approach to climate policy as it announced legislation binding future governments to a goal of phasing out greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, among the most ambitious by any developed nation.

“There is a global demand for climate leadership. I want to show that Sweden is ready to take that leadership,” Isabelle Lövin said and she urged European countries to take a leading role in tackling climate change, now  “since the US is not there anymore to lead.” (Source: Guardian)

Could it be that young women and mothers have more interest in the environment than a group of grumpy old men?

May I end this post with the statement that I am proud to be a woman.

When sleeping women wake, mountains move. -Chinese Proverb



15 thoughts on “Proud to be a Woman!

  1. I have often thought that there would be fewer wars if there were more women leaders. I will be joining a local Women’s Huddle, an organized group related to the Women’s March that is helping to establish them all across the country, to keep the momentum inspired by that day going. I am hopeful that this movement will get results in our next elections.


  2. I love that proverb … I’ve never heard it before, but that’s exactly how I feel every morning 🙂

    Like you, I had to carve a path throughout my career. At the time though, I didn’t think that’s what I was doing. I assumed I could do anything, and therefore I did.

    It makes me sad that all these years later, we’re still talking about women’s rights. It concerns me that so many young women today appear to be more concerned about their thigh gap than intellectual growth. Strong women are still labelled as ‘bitches’ and ‘ball-breakers’ rather than competent. They are mocked for their appearance rather than evaluated based on their ability.

    That is why I will never make fun of Trump’s appearance. He must always be evaluated based on what he does or doesn’t do … not on how he looks. Sorry, I think I just digressed here.


  3. In all fairness there is another picture with 2 women standing behind Trump. I actually watched the video. He signed about 11 documents that day. they were all mulling around. Someone must have said something to move the ladies there..perhaps. (Politics) With the Swedish prime minister ~where are all the men? In my sister’s practice they had all women. I can understand it. There may have been sexual tension if the token male was there I went to school ~ Ingrid and I were the only ladies in our class –> 30 guys. School is different you are in a glass domed world.. In the real world–a different story. I like the old egyptians when the women ruled. Peace and I am told? Working in IT I welcomed the ladies. A rocky road to be sure!

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    • Trump and the angry man around him, that is the picture that went viral around the world. Yes, they “moved” later on a few angry women in the other picture :-).

      As for Sweden, I think it was a mockery of Trump and his buddies, that’s why they took the picture showing all women -what I find very amusing. She is the Swedish Vize Prime Minister and also over the department of climate.

      I myself started traveling the world when I started my career way before it was “normal” for a lady to travel alone. Today I work in a field where many of my competitors are men and I am loving it.


      • Me too. No women do what I do. Funny I never really thought about it. But, its true. Photoshop..that’s all I can say regarding the pictures. The video tells another tale. They can’t photoshop that. Trump is getting his share of being bashed around Alec Baldwin on SNL (Saturday Night Live)..even before he was elected. I just hopes he weathers the storm.

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  4. If I had been a bit more ambitious , I would have achieved much more in life…..
    But I don’t regret anything and I’m proud to be a woman…
    (Obviously I taught my two sons to be proud of being two men!)

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