Change – Friday Fictioneers


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Photo by Liz Young


She had displayed his clothes for 25 years, and now there was nothing left but her head.

People didn’t come to store anymore, everybody nowadays ordered online. There was no more need for fitting rooms and display windows.

Sitting there and crying after long lost times wouldn’t feed his family.

His mind was made up, he would take computer classes.

The world around him had moved on.

“This is the 21st century, and I am part of it,” he thought and then he got up, and he smiled.

“It’s time for a change; the good old times won’t come back.”

(Word count: 100)

The Friday Fictioneers are held by Rochelle Wisoff Fields. Every week she gives us a photography, and the challenge is to write a fictional story with just 100 words. “Make every word count,” that’s the goal.


34 thoughts on “Change – Friday Fictioneers

  1. There are some people who are so stubborn about moving with the times and refusing to learn new skills. I’ve met folk who say proudly, “Oh, I don’t even know how to send an email,” as if they belong to an elite club that’s so much better than yours. They so often end up spiting themselves as they get left further and further behind.
    I agree with Rochelle about the department stores, though. I just loved them when I was a child — even hiding behind the mannequin dolls for fun when my mother took too long trying on clothes. Shopping online is very impersonal but highly convenient.

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  2. Enjoyed your story. We need to be constantly evolving to stay in business and yet somehow stay true to ourselves too, which can be a difficult balance to achieve and maintain.
    We’ve just returned from 3 weeks going around Tasmania. They still have the old-fashioned shopping times of 9 to 5 even in the cities. You’ll be lucky to find a milk bar or takeaway shop open after 7.00PM. We often ended up ordering counter meals in pubs for dinner. This was frustrating as a traveller, but I could see that family life was a lot better and people could really explore interests other than work in a lot more depth. There’s a lot to be said for that!
    xx Rowena

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  3. Nicely done. Even though the jury is still out on whether people buying on line is good or not, I like that you wrote about the acceptance of change.


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