Dear Mr. President!

Today we celebrate George Washington’s Birthday, and I would like to know what he would say right now and not just him. I can’t help but wonder what kind of advice Reagan, Kennedy, Lincoln or Roosevelt would give us. 

Pink’s song was released in 2006 and is an open letter to the former President George W. Bush.

What do you feel when you see all the homeless on the streets?

How can you take your own daughter’s rights away?

Can you even look me in the eye?

I can’t help but listen to it and I wonder if she writing part II right now. So much could be added to this great song.

How can you lead with hate in your heart?

Do you really want to teach our children that lying is o.k.?

What do you feel when you see the protesters in the streets?

Perhaps there won’t be a part II to the song. Sadness, anger, and confusion, how can one put into words what so many of us are feeling right now. Are there even word for it?





11 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President!

  1. It’s one thing to have a maniacal dictator in power surrounded with cronies who benefit from his corruption. What I was wondering about last night was “Where are the Republican senators and representatives? Why aren’t they speaking up? Why are they going along with such rampant and obvious corruption? Why are they ignoring the principles that they’ve shouted about for years? They would never allow a Democratic president to get away with this? Are their morals so partisan that they really don’t care? Where are they?”


  2. I wonder how Trump would answer the questions from that song. I expect he’s just so narcissistic that he doesn’t even think about things such as homelessness and the immorality of lying. He’s interested in three things: himself, power and money, in that order!

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  3. Yeah there ARE words…just not suitable for saying in polite company. I have a word for what I feel, in fact I have several. Anger is foremost, shame, outrage, depression are more. I am embarrassed. I am sad. I want to DO something about it, but my demographic (old(ish), female, disabled – labels applied to me and those like me) has no teeth (and not just because a lot of us are denture wearers). Nobody listens to us. We’re given truckloads of medications, patted on the head and told “there. there. don’t excite yourself..” by know it alls who have embraced fascism and are too stupid to even see what they’ve done. It’s HORRIFYING. That’s the best word of all.

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