The Fox and the Lioness

This is why I love animals so much. Whenever we think we have them all figured out, they do something that we don’t expect, they surprise us and make us rethink our own values. 

A Lioness saw a baby fox on the road. It didn’t move, either the little guy was hurt or just frozen with fear. 


A male lion showed up a while later.  I can just imagine how uncomfortable the baby fox must have felt. I love the way she looks down at him; she looks worried.

The rest of the pride joined them, the cups seem curious. 

The lioness laid down, almost like she wanted him to feel safe around her. 

The male lion had other plans, he decided to go for the kill. After all, it was an easy meal, just laying there on the road. The Lioness disagreed and told him to back off. 

She made clear that he understood. I think she yelled at him.

He complained a bit, but he backed off. Smart lion! 

After he had left, the Lioness went back and cared for her babies. The fox still didn’t move. 

Once the little guy was able to get up, he walked away. It looks like they wished him well. 

Isn’t this cute?





21 thoughts on “The Fox and the Lioness

  1. Mothers are a special breed they protect any babies, most of the time. I think we are prey dam awesome. We raise our babies, nurture them, teach them to be independent, responsible and capable. We “kick” them out of the “nest” as many times as necessary, or until some other female takes off our hands. Lol and then we nurture and “mother” their fathers like our “oldest” child.

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  2. ❤ So cute! And proves that females have more compassion than males, who (not all, not making a generalization here) just want to do one of three things mostly…eat, sleep or have sex. Females of any specie ROCK!! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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