Trump’s first 100 days and all the wonderful changes

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Much has been said and written about the fist 100 days of Donald Trump in the White House, but hardly anybody talks about all the real positive changes that have occurred. I honestly can say this has changed many aspects of my life.

  • I noticed I smile more often. I smile at every Latino that I see, and it’s a bright and comforting smile.
  • I have hugged a total stranger in the store, a Muslim woman -what made us both laugh.
  • I decided that my world is beautiful and now I focus more on the bright side.
  • I feel a new appreciation for everything I still have. Thank you for that.
  • I am turning into the “Research Queen.” Now, more than ever before, do I research what I don’t know.
  • I laugh harderΒ and louder than I ever did. I laugh about the little things until my belly hurts -or I snort, whatever comes first.
  • I have a renewed protective instinct for my black friends, my gay friends, and my Muslim friend.
  • I am reaching out to people, who some like to call minorities.
  • I shopped for the first time at Nordstrom. I always thought I couldn’t afford it -turns out I can. Heck, they have nice things, thanks for the recommendation.
  • I have a new found pride.Β I am proud of the younger generation who stands up so bravely.
  • I have subscribed to a newspaperΒ and one magazine, and for the first time, in many years, there is a thick weekend edition laying on my front door. Again, thank you for the recommendation.
  • I have a new found appreciation for my age. I had a wonderful youth and a marvelous adulthood -so far. I am glad I am older. I don’t envy the youth; I don’t envy them at all.
  • I found a new sense of humor and sarcasm what I enjoy to the fullest.
  • I have always been a truth seeker, now I have become a truth defender, and I like it. Don’t mess with this older lady she knows a thing or two.
  • After so many years, Saturday Night Life is back on our TV and we laugh ourselves silly. They are better than they were 30 years ago. What a comeback. Glad to witness it. I am a fan.
  • I have a new appreciation for alcohol. It comes in handy while watching certain speeches. I found some serious new killer wines. Bring it on!

So, there you go. Not all is bad. πŸ™‚

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44 thoughts on “Trump’s first 100 days and all the wonderful changes

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  2. I LOVE this!! Especially the killer wines. I like that Trump is eliciting personal citizenship responsibility. It’s a good take on these uncertain times.


  3. My life has become more focused on “reaching out” to others, my only problem is I have met very few people who are doing, “afterdjt” being positive like you and me. I meet folks online like you, but never in person. I am very happy you are doing the same. I love SNL again and laugh so hard, I have a beer or a strawberry daiquiri every now and then to celebrate my age. I wish I could meet more folks like us, we must be a rare breed.

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