I Have Your Back

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I watched the news,  “I hope they will feel it,” I thought to myself and felt ashamed right away.

Just because they voted for the Republican party, doesn’t mean they deserve to be suffering under them. Many of the voters who have thrown the rest of the country under the bus don’t feel so happy anymore. Now the bus has turned around and it’s going to hit them as well.

If THEY appeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) many of the angry, white, low-income voters will feel it.

Action have consequences, election have consequences and perhaps it’s fair that they suffer. “Be careful what you wish for,” comes to mind but then I stop myself. I am better than that. I don’t wish people ill, I don’t wish people any harm.

Despite all this, I do worry about these people, particularly the older ones with serious health problems. I will fight for them to keep their healthcare and be cared for.

If I am willing to fight for them, will they be fighting for me and my rights? If I stand up and have their back, will they have mine?

A teenager asked me last week about the difference between Republicans and Democrats and I paused for a little while before I answered, I tried to find the right words. “In my opinion, Republicans care about themselves and people like them, Democrats care for all people,” I said and then I stood there and wondered if it’s really that simple to explain.

I have an open heart and an open mind and nothing will change that. I have compassion for the poor and uneducated. Sometimes I get angry for a short while because many of the voters live in the South and they continue to vote against their best interest, mainly because they have always done that. It won’t matter if they lose health insurance or Medicare, they will vote for a Republican candidate…no matter what. They same people that hurt them, they will vote into office again and again.

I can’t stay angry, I am not like that. I still care about them, even though I know they will not care about me.

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15 thoughts on “I Have Your Back

  1. Bridget (I think that’s your “real” name) – You might want to study a little about American history, especially the South. Way back when, like in the first part of the 20th century, most of the white people there were still Democrats, who were even before that the anti-Lincoln party, if you get my drift here. That changed in the 1960s, when President Lyndon Johnson went against his fellow “Dixie-crats” in pushing through Civil Rights laws. Those people therefore switched to the Republican party and have largely remained there ever since, which is why it was such a surprise that some of those Red Southern states were closer to turning Blue in 2016 than they have been for quite some time. Hopefully, next election, they’ll get there!
    I would also like to correct another misconception I think you have with respect to the former Democrats who voted for Trump. The shock here was that most of them are probably former union members or former employees of large manufacturers who were unionized when they were a lot more “modern” and prosperous. Union people have historically been Democrats but, unfortunately for them, they expected the relatively high wages and good benefits they used to receive from their employers, and were promised to continue in old age and retirement, by these same corporate i.e. Republican as you have described them, interests. Now that these companies and their former employees, including the mining and oil companies, are not as profitable (on the backs of their employees) or as modern (and don’t need and/or can’t use these deplorably poorly educated employees anymore), those poor bastards have experienced only the continual breaking of those promises. Now that the Republicans, including the Donald, are showing their true colors, they have a major case of buyer’s remorse, in my opinion.

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    • The South today is different. We lived there for almost 10 years and it was shocking experience. Nobody prepared me for the racism and the bigotry.

      I loved the people, our neighbors and friends, but I never really understood them. The history in this case is irrelevant, as I was writing of today’s situation.


  2. We have this EXACT same conversation in our house with the same words, the same sentiments, the same definitions and conclusions. I do hope that no one gets hurt by this presidency and congress, including the people who voted for this mess.

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  3. I think it’s a fair response to the question. Democrats have always fought for the rights of the oppressed and suppressed. Republicans, in my opinion, claim to fight for smaller and less involved government…except when it comes to protecting their own bottom lines. I fully support giving a little of “mine” for the betterment of the whole, namely those who need help The most, in spite of the risk of fraud and abuse of the system. Republicans, in my opinion, lean towards every man for himself, and keep your hands off of my stack. Just this humble Dem’s opinion.

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  4. That’s the answer you came up with after careful thought? Seems to exacerbate the problem rather than afford any solution or real answer. I read you a lot and respect your opinions but that seems like a scary response to a teen.


        • I know doesn’t it?

          I think these days it is important to have an opinion based on experience and research. Just repeating slogans is not good enough. The solution for both parties would be to find common ground. Sadly, it’s not what I see right now.

          I am an independent voter, belong to neither party, so what I said is based on my experience.

          I can see that you don’t like what I wrote and that’s alright but please be so nice and allow me to have an opinion -on my blog!

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          • I’m not saying you shouldn’t have your opinion, or even good reason for it. I have followed you and read and respected your opinion for quite some time whether I always fully agree or not. I just think it’s dangerous, especially in today’s world, to only give a young, impressionable teen, JUST an opinion. There is so much more to the issues than that… that’s all. There are aspects of what you have said that sound far too close to the ones you so strongly are against- and it IS your blog, and you can say whatever you want, but I thought you might want to know how your response to that teen may not have been making the most of a very valuable teachable moment. It’s just food for thought.

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