Coal and more coal


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I am so excited! Coal is coming back. I am not sure when and exactly how, but we here in the U.S. decided to go back to basics -whatever that means. Screw the alternative energy, that’s horse-hockey. We don’t need windmills or solar panels, we need good, old coal for something -not sure what.

I can’t wait to shovel coal. I saw it once in a movie, and it looked like so much fun. The women carried coal in metal buckets. Imagine that! No more gym, no more weightlifting ladies; we are going to transport coal buckets back and forth. How is that for a six-pack?

All the stupid regulations that left us all way too healthy. Hallelujah! We got rid of them. Clean drinking water! That’s no fun, where is the challenge in that?

Clean energy! “Humbug,” I say. We are no sissies here in the USA, we can manage poisoned water and polluted air just fine. If it doesn’t kill you right away, it will kill you slowly, there you go. “No risk, no fun.”

This will be great, we will be even greater. “Screw you world,” we put America first. Not sure in what, but we will be first.

While we are at it. Can we get rid of these stupid CD’s and bring back the good, old-fashioned vinyl records, record players, and tape recorders? No more online tunes; let’s make the music industry great again. Get the people back to work.

Now I am all fired up. Rotary phones! Lets’ bring them back as well. Somewhere out there are people who made these phones -and if we are lucky, they are still alive. We can’t ask them to change, that would be rude, we need to bend over backward (or jump backward) and let them have their old jobs. Bye-bye cell phones!

I am having so much fun; it’s like stepping right into an old black and white movie.

And now I have to go and surf the internet for water filters, breathing masks and an old stove, for all the coal I will be hauling into our basement.

“$%&@…we don’t have a basement.”

Well, isn’t that great, now we will have to move. It’s all so exciting?

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38 thoughts on “Coal and more coal

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  2. If you have any coal left over can we have it here in the UK please? We will need it to power the steam ships we will build to fight a war with Spain over Gibraltar’s sovereignty. After all, Rule Britannia and all that…we will need a few more ships than the 7 frigates and 1 and a half Aircraft carriers without planes that we have at the moment!


  3. I’m just so DONE … stick a fork in me and turn me over … of government and the complete insanity that is happening that I refuse to allow any more of my energy to be sucked by anger. No way! I will live and laugh and be filled with wonder and JOY and I KNOW that by doing so I am feeding Light. The more of us do this and the more of us live life by the Law of Love the more CHANGE we will see and this insanity will cease. Loved the satire and I did laugh. But I am DONE getting upset and focusing on sh*t. I’ve gone back to MY LIFE and living simply in respect and Love for ALL. Anger? All that does is feed that sh*t and I aint doing it any more. ❤

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  5. While you’re at it, though, be careful with those web searches. Since your information will now be sold you probably don’t want to be assaulted by adds for those breathing masks. And you’re right! Who needs clean energy! My granddaughters can fend for themselves when they’re older, right?


  6. Not to mention the amount of laundry and cleaning one will have to do if/when ‘coal’ becomes an industry standard again. That soot is real. Black. No self-respecting house wife will allow that in her home. What would her man say? After he comes home from the office, he wants a cold martini, his slippers and paper (and probably a pipe) and some peace and quiet. Yeah, the 1950s were a great decade, but to me? Time has marched on. We know more than our counterparts in those times. And Utah is a big ‘coal’ state. We have active mines…near Price, Utah. Recently I heard of a bad cave in or explosion or something – the miners were glad to get out alive! Yeah, coal. What a great idea!

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  7. I’m too angry at the stupidity of it all to comment on this (which was a great piece of satire, by the way). Let’s make a few rich people a lot more short term profits and to hell with long term viability.

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    • I am very angry. Like you, I find it rather stupid and satire is my way to let go of some steam.

      The ignorance behind all this, that’s whats so hard to understand. We won’t be able to compete with the rest of the world anymore. I do wonder how the future generations will judge us. I have a feeling they won’t be kind.

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  8. Given the Orange One’s inability to spell he probably meant to say Make America Grate Again. Fossil fuels are ridiculously outdated and dangerous. The Times reported today that there are over 2,000 deaths a year here in the UK from airborne waste carried from the U.S. and China. Not that he would understand or care anyway.

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    • I find it hard to believe that they can trace airborn waste back to it’s origins, given the fact that there are some other countries in between the USA and the UK. But hey, more power to them.

      Clive, I don’t know why we do what we are doing. Nothing makes any sense, at least not to an educated mind.


  9. Another false promise from Agent Orange. Coal jobs will never come back because even places where coaled is mined most of the mining is now done by machines not miners with shovels and pick-axes. This is just another fool idea that will back fire on Agent Orange. I can’t find it now but there was a recent article in the New York Times listing why this idea is a failure from jump street. However there are always people dumb or desperate to believe the past will return. Except for clothing styles that does not happen and the reason Clark Kent is still looking for a phone booth to change into Superman!!

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