It might lift you up!

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I woke up cranky yesterday; every bone in my body hurt. I quickly diagnosed myself and decided I wasn’t sick enough to stay in bed, got up and dragged myself through the day.

In the afternoon I had to run some errands, coughed and sniffled all the way to the grocery store, what didn’t make me feel any better. No questions asked, I felt sorry for myself…very sorry.

I stopped at the little corner store on my way back, decided to buy some treats for the dogs -my favorite bribe if I can’t walk them. The store owner greeted me like always. He finds me entertaining. We always have arguments over his prices for the plants, which he hides in the very back. This part of the store looks like a miniature nursery. It’s full of beautiful flowers and plants, and nothing is priced. I can’t proof it, but I think he makes the prices up as he goes.

I didn’t really feel like talking, just walked in, grabbed the dog bones, some bird food and a jar of honey and went to the checkout counter.

“Have you seen the beautiful geraniums,” he asked when he handed me the change, and I nodded.

I did notice the pots but wasn’t in a flowery mood. I just wanted to get back home, drink a hot toddy -or two- and suffer in silence for the rest of the day. “They are beautiful,” I managed to say. I knew he was waiting for me to ask him for the price, but I just didn’t feel up to it.

“Are you alright?” he came closer and studied my face.  “You look terrible,” that was his verdict, and it made me chuckle a bit.

“Thanks a lot, how charming,” I replied, and then I told him that I wasn’t feeling well. “I am going home and call it a day,” I informed him and when he handed me my bag.

“Take a flower with you,” he insisted and grabbed a large container with stunning, pink geraniums and placed them on the counter.

PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY, came to my mind and I decided to give in without negotiating the price.

“That sounds like a good idea?” I said and placed my purse on the counter. “How much are they?”

“Nothing,” he said and he put his hand on my arm like he tried to stop me from opening my bag. “I want you to take the flower with you, it might lift you up a bit. We all need help perking up from time to time.”

The little, old gentleman, who fights me for every penny each and every time he sees me, made my day.

I found his gesture very sweet and couldn’t help but smile when I put the plant in our laundry room. The weather is still too unsteady to plant it outside, but soon it will find a home in our yard and it will remind me of his kindness all summer long, until fall.

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22 thoughts on “It might lift you up!

  1. This story really did lift me up, on and to so many different levels! It sent me on a research journey to learn more about geraniums which I think has confirmed that a variety of this pretty flowering plant grew somewhere in the yard of my childhood home. As I remember them, they were pretty but the way they smelled made me nauseous. This memory was also confirmed in my research where I found the following comment:
    * Geraniums: Nuss said many gardeners find its earthy smell offensive. “If you’re in a dark room, you can definitely find the geranium,” he said.

    Be that as it may, I also have some pleasant scent memories of that home which you can read about here:


  2. That is such a beautiful story (and geranium). Simple acts of kindness has been the theme for my church for a while and it’s true. A simple act of kindness may well change someone’s life. Or at least provide them joy in a moment when they need it badly. I’m glad you’re feeling better (I hope you are at least), and that those gorgeous blooms will remind you of a simple act of kindness. How lovely!! ❤

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  3. This is why I love small hometown businesses… you get much more customer service than you would ever get at a big box store. Lovely story and I love the plant! Hope you feel better soon.


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