A Cold World

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I have seen a lot, I have read a lot. I wished for it a million times. I don’t pray, and if I would, it wouldn’t be for peace, but I would ask for humanity and civility for all. These words have a meaning to me, they are the core of my being.

Humanity and civility can’t exist without compassion and empathy. That’s the basic foundation, the pillars it all rests on.

You don’t have to be poor, to see -and feel for the ones who have nothing.

You don’t have to be colored, to see -and feel for the ones who experience racism.

You don’t have to be a weak, to see -and feel  for the ones who live with abuse

Just close your eyes and listen and feel with your inside. Some might call it soul, I like to call it my center.  It’s the very essence of my being. It defines who I am and how I see the world; it dictates my actions and reactions.

What happens to a nation if the core belief, the doctrine, is in question; when the pillars are crumbling?

I just read the news, learned about a woman, who faces deportation, even though she came here legally, 15 years ago. She holds a work permit, doesn’t have a criminal record, still, we don’t want her anymore. She is the mother of four. Her children will have to grow up without her -and I feel ashamed.

We deport young adults, who have come here as babies, one woman didn’t even speak Spanish -yet we don’t care. “We don’t want  you anymore,” the children and grandchildren of immigrants shout -and I feel ashamed.

How can we let this happen? Ripping families apart, having children grow up without a parent because we say so, that is cruel -and I feel ashamed. We force couples to live apart now, love doesn’t matter anymore, family only has value if we approve.

Compassion – Empathy – Civility – Humanity!

This feeling of shame is with me since a while now and I wonder about it. Will it eventually go away? Perhaps the day when the news will become the new normal, perhaps then I will stop hurting inside.

But I will be damned if I let this happen. This will NEVER be normal for me -not for as long as I have some spunk in me.

“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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21 thoughts on “A Cold World

  1. It seems that over and over society needs to be reminded of compassion. I thank the Creator for people, like you, who speak out so passionately. Thanks for taking the time to post this at the Salon.


  2. Is it that you have to be that heartless to become a billionaire? If so, there is little hope for us right now as money seems to have bought out our government. We fight with our votes, our words and our actions toward those around us. If our government will not be kind, all the more reason for us to be in our daily lives.

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  3. It’s heartbreaking and it is happening here in the UK too. I think the Home Office have been given ‘numbers’ to achieve and they are spending time searching for errors/misunderstandings on forms and then breaking up families, they do it with no notice too. I just saw a programme by Michael Portillo (about railways) travelling, he was in the US, visiting Minnesota and hearing about the massacre, concentrations camps and forced deportation of the native Americans (Dakota) from the area. We should not be surprised if our civilisation falls.

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  4. Money and power are all that matter in US Republican politics, and anything standing in the way is crushed. It is shameful, Bridget. I pray that in two years all of us who are offended by this state of affairs vote for change. Until then… protest in whatever way we can.

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  5. A heartfelt post. It’s truly a sad state of things and the thing that I find most amazing is that the those who propagate most of these inhumane actions are those who claim to uphold family values and Christain tenets. The hypocrisy stinks!

    I am leaving a link to my video. Please support by watching and possibly subscribing. Thank you.

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