Department store or online shopping?

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Department stores are closing left and right, hundreds will lose their jobs and once again it looks like we are not prepared. I can’t help but shake my head in disbelieve. “Seriously, we didn’t see that coming?”

The internet has changed our lives -and our way of living- and I am the best example for it. I hate shopping, consider it a waste of time and prefer online shopping any day. I chose what I like in the comfort of my own home, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, while I fill up my virtual cart. I don’t even have to dress or put lipstick on; I can sit there butt naked if I choose to do so, and nobody cares. I am still a valued customer, always will be.

I can get the same deals online and offline – and for me, that’s a no-brainer. The internet, computers, and technology have changed it all. Our old department stores got some serious online competition years ago, and they lost revenue and customers. It’s not our fault. We the consumer, we go where we get the most. In the end, there is no loyalty to a brand or a store; we all try to get the best quality, for the least amount of money.

I haven’t been at a mall in years; I don’t see sense in going there. What’s there to gain? I would spend most of the time searching for a salesclerk, and if I finally -by pure luck- would find one, it would be someone from a different department.

I don’t have to look at myself under the unforgiving neon light in a fitting room. I can try everything at my home, have days -sometimes even weeks to do so- and can return the items I don’t want without paying a penny.

That’s convenience, that’s a busy person’s dream. Now, give me a virtual grocery store, send some samples via drone right to my door, and I will be in paradise.

Did we really not see that coming? Are we really surprised that hundreds of department stores are closing? Times are changing, and we have to change with it, and if we don’t, we will fall more and more behind.

If a store doesn’t offer me something -anything- extraordinary, why would I go there? Park my car, greet me like a queen, offer me a beverage when I walk in, take my coat, shine my shoes, there are so many options to make a customer feel special. Having me chase down a sales clerk is not one of them. Having me wait in line in front of the only open register is not a solution either.

Have models walk the runway showing clothes for the average shopper. Treat the ordinary person extraordinary. Instead, they offered us empty stores with lousy customer service.

In the long run, most department stores will disappear, just like the coal miners and we should be busy making plans for the future. We need to stop crying over spilled milk. Technology is our future, education is the future. We should go with the time and plan ahead, we should have started it a long time ago.

And for heaven’s sake let us find some good use for all the empty buildings while we are at it, it can’t be that complicated.

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18 thoughts on “Department store or online shopping?

  1. Retail therapy, which I need from time to time, cannot be done through a computer. I need to see the choices physically spread out around aisles before me, to get the full effect and to compare all the options I have before me. I don’t always purchase something, and if I do I often don’t try it on in the store. Even so, for me the process is very sensory, and can be a form of physical exercise, something I don’t get nearly enough of.

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  2. Sorry to see the storefronts go…unfortunately, for retail sales workers and for shoppers like me who like the hands-on feel of a deal! So goes the world. In fact, there are several items that I already purchase online.


  3. Humans, like most animals, are creatures of habit and seem to take a long time to adapt, unless forced. The current pace of change seems to be faster than we can cope with. I use the internet more and more, but interestingly our big village has become a thriving hub, with shops opening and people doing more shopping in the village. This is all due to half a dozen enterprising youngsters – a mixture of locals and new comers, who have started their own businesses. We are very lucky that as we get older we will have most of what we need in walking distance and the Internet for anything else. Our nearest big city, though thriving, sadly has many people like the young man in your last photo.


  4. I prefer to shop online if I know the exact item I am looking for rather than something I am not familiar with. I would prefer to buy something locally that I can return on my way home from work or out doing errands. I am not a shopper, but a woman on a mission when I need to buy something – in with a list and out with what I need. Done. I despise long checkout lines and not only rude customer service, but even more so rude customers. Has the internet made my life easier? Yes, but it has also been the Devil’s advocate taking down humanity. Or maybe just placing so called humanity in the spotlight revealing the true ugliness of so many people. Sad.

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    • I think we just need to go with times. 40 years ago mom and pop stores disappeared, when big grocery stores opened up. We are in a transition time. We have to adjust to the internet and I hope we will not completly dumb down. 🙂


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  6. I am half and half. I like shopping in person for shoes and clothes. The rest on internet. I don’t know if the internet is a great thing, i think it could be a big reason for joblessness.. so i am not sure..


  7. I’m an online shopper too, Bridget, whenever I can get away with it. But I’ll go to the store once in a while, especially when I need advice or simply to support our local businesses. Technology is rapidly transforming our world, and we have to continually rethink how we will as a society ensure the health and welfare of our people and planet. I think it’s going to take some creativity and a restructuring of values. I hope we are up to it! 😀


  8. I too prefer to on-line shop. BUT there are items, time to time, that it just isn’t a good idea to buy that way. Right now I’m in the market for something called a ‘wireless router’. I did a little exploratory looking on Amazon (my preferred marketplace) and my jaw dropped to the floor. I don’t even fully understand WHAT the hell the ‘router’ does, except the guy with whom I’m dealing in efforts to get a decent internet connection up here in BFE said it had to be at least a gigabyte (of what I don’t capacity? .. what??!) So tomorrow I’m off to Best Buy (my IRL marketplace of choice for electronic doo-dads) so I can quiz someone face to face about what this router thingie does and which is the best bang for my buck and if it needs accessories (there were a lot of bits and pieces that seemed to go along with the on-line versions)… >sigh< I'm going to blog at my place about customer service and reference YOUR blog as the starting point… 🙂 cheers sweetie!

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  9. I love to shop- both online and in the stores. It is like a hobby for me- so walking through the mall and wandering through the departments, picking out, trying on I find relaxing and enjoyable. I order my groceries on line too- we have a company called Fresh Direct, and another called Peapod- it is a cinch to order, you pick the time they deliver and voila! Your groceries arrive! Maybe there is one in your neighborhood too!

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      • We have fresh direct in New York but when it comes to food I need to see what I’m buying. I have high blood pressure and lots of food allergies. I might try it in the future but for right now I will pass on Fresh Direct. As for malls they are way too crowded and I don’t like crowds. Plus it is difficult to find the item you want.


  10. Same here. I work extremely long hours and have very little time for myself much less clothes shopping however I still want to look good and I have found some excellent online stores selling ladies clothing. Of course in New York there are still small boutiques/stores where you can get personal service. So I do have a choice. Next Sunday my brother Stephen will come over and we will celebrate his birthday. Naturally we will be doing some outdoor shopping just to be outside and enjoy the weather. There are many discount clothing stores where one can get good buys.


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