The Search – Friday Fictioneers

Photography by Liz Young

Marlene had searched for her mother’s grave for a very long time.

All those years she had wondered what she would feel, surprisingly she didn’t feel anything.

The love had been long gone, had been beaten out of her so many years ago. The anger had disappeared the day she felt happiness and love for the first time.

The place looked peaceful, what took her by surprise.

“I forgive you,” she quietly said, then, she reached up and felt the scar under her fingertips.

“But I will never forget.”

She turned around and walked away.

Finally, her search was over.

Word count: 100

The Friday Fictioneers are held by my blogging friend Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Every week she gives us a photograph, and she asks us to write a short story with 100 words or less. It’s fun. Give it a try!


40 thoughts on “The Search – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I see my comment is still in moderation, so maybe I should clarify my thought and you could edit it, or delete part, please. I used the expression “wrestling demons” just like people mean it nowadays, but it might be confusing to some people. The word anger could be substituted: I mean that we allow anger to direct our lives when we give in to it. Then it takes a real turn around to get anger to loosen its grip on us. But if you think it’s best, just delete it as well as this one, since I was replying as much to the commenters as to your story.


  2. Totally get that. Haven’t even bothered to go to the cemetery to see mom’s stone. Don’t care to. In the end, she took even her body from me as she gave it to the local university. Months later, I received a package via FedEx with her ashes. A cold blooded way of doing things, I think. If I could, I would take a sledge to her stone, too.

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