Dear Hollywood – How about these movies ratings?


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Movie ratings are guidelines for parents and kids and let me tell you. They didn’t work when I was a child, and they don’t work now. Why? 

Well, because kids are kids. They are curious, and they most likely will find a way to watch the forbidden movies anyway. Been there, done that. I went to the movie theater with a friend when I was 10. We were dropped off and bought the tickets to see a beautiful, animated movie that I cannot remember. However, I do remember the film that we watched instead, and the many sleepless nights that followed.

Alright, alright if you insist! Keep your PG-Whatever ratings but add some more serious warnings for us adults, so that we know what we get ourselves into.

Last night, at 10 pm -way past my bedtime- I had the genius idea to watch a movie. I just wanted to finish my glass of wine and then go to bed. The movie, however, did not allow me to do that. Instead, it glued me to my chair, forced me to drink another glass of wine and made me stay up until 12:30 am.

You see, would there have been a warning beside the title, I would have been sound asleep by 10:30 pm, but that’s not what happen.

For Heaven’s sake give adults a warning, perhaps a simple letter combination right under the movie title?

TJ = Tearjerker! Have tissues on stand-by

DNA = Do not watch alone

BOB = Boring beyond belief

STC = Will scare the crab out of anybody

SA = Sleeping aid! This movie will put you right asleep

NM = Might give you serious nightmares.

WM = Waste of money! Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you

NB = Nailbiter

DSL = Don’t start watching it late. (That would have helped)

I hope Hollywood will at least consider my request. Last night, not knowingly, I started watching a DSL-TJ movie when I turned on “Lion.”

It is a great movie and I enjoyed it tremendously. However, I am absolutely useless today.

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16 thoughts on “Dear Hollywood – How about these movies ratings?

  1. Lion definitely should come with a warning. I loved this movie but the sadness was almost overwhelming. The warning should be that the movie watcher should not be depressed or sad to start with.

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  2. I loved your ratings scale and appreciate the recommendation. Normally I avoid TJs but this one sounds like a winner!
    I’ve often wondered why Netflix, HBO, and TMN don’t include some ratings capability for viewers much like evaluating purchases online with Amazon. It would be so helpful to know whether other viewers thought a particular movie was a winner or a loser.


  3. I just received this film in the mail from Netflix. Guess I won’t be watching it till the weekend when I’m allowed to stay up late and sleep in, if necessary, the next day. Thanks for the warning!

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