Trust – Friday Fictioneers

Photo Prompt Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“This was my first accident,” Marlise said with laughter in her voice.

Grandma didn’t find it funny at all.

“What happened?” she wanted to know.

“It wasn’t my fault. They will come by tomorrow and fix the damage.”


“Yes, the guys from the other car.”

“Do you know them?”

“No, but they looked honest.”

“And you believed them?”

“Of course I did. Why wouldn’t I?”

Grandma shook her head in disbelieve.

The next day a tow truck showed up and picked up the car. A few days later it looked brand-new.

Grandma didn’t say much, but she looked pleased.

Word count: 100

I will not openly admit that this story happened almost the way I described it because it would make me sound like a fool. Perhaps the car was older, and they didn’t come with a tow truck but repaired the vehicle in our barn. But as I said, would never admit it.

Friday Fictioneers are held by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Give it a try. It’s fascinating how much we can tell with just 100 words.


33 thoughts on “Trust – Friday Fictioneers

  1. I like a story where trust and open-heartedness is rewarded. Although even I wouldn’t have let them tow the car away. Now, let them fix it in my barn? That sounds totally reasonable. 🙂

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  2. Dear Bridget,

    I won’t repeat this to a soul. Your secret’s safe with me. 😉 It makes me smile to know this is based on fact and that there really are good people in the world. Good one.



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  3. We won’t tell a soul… but, I like to believe there are still good people out there and that when our gut tells us they are honest, we are right.

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