Bernie Sanders talks money

I wish I could make people sit down and listen to this. I am not sure if it would do any good, it seems you can’t reach people on the other side anymore. 

Perhaps, instead, I could be a good girl and could ask my Republican blogging friends (in case I still have any) to NOT watch this past the first four minutes because it could make them cry. And if it doesn’t make them cry, then they might have some sleepless nights wondering about their kids future. I know I do and we don’t even have kids.

I don’t care so much about left and right -that’s why I don’t belong to either party-  but I do care about the middle class – that’s what I am; middle class with a downward trend.

Trump’s first 100 days have been a spectacle so far, a reality TV show in the White House and I believe that’s intended, and it will continue, and we will fall for it each and every time. Every day the headlines focused on what Trump said or posted -hardly do we concentrate on the changes that meanwhile occur in the background, and, please excuse my language, but this will bite us in the ass.

If you are not middle class…good for you! If you are middle class. For Heaven’s sake wake up and stop shooting yourself in the foot.



18 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders talks money

  1. Although Bernie Sanders IS the MOST popular politician in the nation, I don’t understand why <em<everyone in the 99% doesn’t hang on his every word. His policies are capable of saving the middle class and lifting all folks who are having an even harder time. #StillSanders #DraftBernie #Sanders2020


  2. Bernie is such a great guy. When we lived in VT, he had a lot of influence in making the state work for all citizens. He believes everything he says and puts his money where he mouth is. The integrity is refreshing in politics riddled with corruption and greed.

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