See you soon

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Finally, it’s spring, even here in the midwest. The summer sheets are on the beds, jackets and coats have been put away until autumn. The weather went from terribly cold to hot without anything in between. The official start of summer is just four weeks away. 

After all this rain I look outside and wonder what had happened to our yard. It looks like a disaster area, a paradise for weeds and they are spreading merciless. My garden in the very back looks pitiful. I have work to do -inside and outside. I want to paint and redecorate a room in the house, and I am falling behind. Again I sit in front of my computer, instead of working on the things I need to do.

My workroom looks cluttered, I have projects lined up left and right -some with a deadline that I can’t miss. Something has to give, and so I decided to take a four-week blogging break. I will not write new posts -but will continue to read and comment on your blogs. Drinking a cup of tea with my blogging friends has become a routine that I don’t want to miss.

Yesterday I mentioned my cooking blog. Sooner or later I have to make a decision what I am going to do with it. The easiest thing would be to just delete it, after all, it has been sitting there hidden in my WP dashboard for almost three years, surely, nobody would miss it now.

Throwing it all out, deleting hours of work that’s tough. Some of the recipes, pictures, and posts I would like to keep but where? And then it hit me, why don’t I just bring them over here and share them on The Happy Quitter.

And that’s what I decided to do. For the next weeks, I will post some treasures of my “old” kitchen blog here.

See you soon!


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18 thoughts on “See you soon

  1. Your idea is a great two-fer solution. I would miss you if you’d disappeared entirely, even though cooking is something I happily gave up long ago. We all deserve some time off to catch up and recharge, and these days deadlines are the only things that really spur me to action. Actually, I am catching up on blogs now as a break from working on a writing assignment with a deadline of today. Lazy as I am, and since it’s a holiday weekend, I may allow myself one extra day past that deadline to complete this volunteer assignment!

    PS I hope that you aren’t expecting or experiencing any tornadoes or other storms or warnings in your part of the Midwest as we have done as recently as yesterday here in the Southeast!

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  2. Enjoy your break..we all need some time to do other things….I’ve been juggling room makeovers with blogging in recent weeks….I look forward to your recipes as I do like to cook though my diet is restricted these days….take care..


  3. I think you shouldn’t eat what you used in your recipes , now that you are adopting a new kind of diet …….!
    Please , tell me about it!

    Have a happy break , we are looking forward to receiving your recipes…
    Ciao, Bridget!


  4. I should be doing the same thing. Our yard is a disaster area … but no one ever suggested I had good gardening instincts 😉

    Good luck with all your projects. Hope the next 4 weeks are very productive!


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