You are making me sick!

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You cannot trust the American people, especially the poor and the middle class. Those bastards are sneaky and have no shame. They do not just pay for the health insurance premiums, they actually use the insurance. How dare they? *

President Obama signed the bill for the Affordable Care Act (nicknamed Obamacare), in 2010 and with that he gave millions of uninsured people the access to health care. Millions of people had been uninsured for decades; many of them never had access to health insurance, in their lifetime.

Finally, people could sign up for health care and sadly, so they did. Not just that, they had the nerve and actually went to see doctors and specialists. Many of them were sick, had illnesses and diseases that had been left untreated for years. They needed medication and treatments, and they took them.

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So many sick people all at once, that made some premiums go up. Billions of Dollars wasted on the sick, imagine that. That needs to stop! The wealthy and the rich should not have to carry such a burden.

Now it’s up to Trumps’ administration to make this RIGHT again. They are discussing a new Health Care Bill behind closed doors. There are no hearings, not even their own colleagues have the privilege of getting informed. So far it’s a “Mystery bill”  or perhaps a “Misery bill” -nobody knows.

It keeps us, the ordinary citizen on our toes. It gives us something to worry about, in a time where we hardly have anything to worry about at all.

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Healthcare in the U.S. is not a right, it’s a privilege, and so I wonder, will I continue to be one of the privileged people who will be allowed to have healthcare? And if so, will we be able to afford it?

Right now we have a health insurance that’s actually more of an emergency insurance. In the case of a serious illness and a hospital stay, we are covered, until then we have a deductible that hangs over our head like the sword of Damocles.

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What are they talking about behind closed doors? How many of us will lose their health insurance coverage and, will I be one of them?

What about pre-existing conditions, will that be an issue? Will survivors be punished for surviving? Will people with chronic diseases have to pay more? Will parents have to worry about their kid’s health? Will we all be thrown under the bus?

What about nursing homes and the care for the elderly. Will they touch (and cut) Medicaid?

Perhaps the goal for us is not to survive for so long anyway. If we can’t afford to see a doctor, we stay sick and will be diagnosed when it will be too late. That’s right middle class…do your job! Die early enough, and we won’t have to worry about all that retirement bullshit at all. That would save Billions indeed.

The rich behind closed doors, they are gambling with the health of so many. Democrats and Republicans, black or white, wealthy or poor -health insurance should be accessible and affordable for all of us.

Healthcare should not be a privilege, it should be our right! Here I am, dreaming again!


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*) Sarcasm intended




14 thoughts on “You are making me sick!

  1. Well… under Obamacare NOT everyone has health care!! As I was laid off last year, there was NOT AFFORDABE health care for me. When you are laid off, you are not making money, so HOW can you pay for health insurance which is $500+ and that is not under a Cobra plan. Cobra would have been $1,000. How can you say Obamacare was GREAT??? When it is soooo expensive! AND if you don’t have health care you are penalized by and fined a fee! Agreed that health insurance needs to be “affordable” for ALL of us. Waiting to see what happens, because without a job I cannot afford health insurance, so then I have to pray that I stay healthy!

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    • You must have been reading things into my post. Not once did I say Obama Care was great. But with all its flaws it helped a lot of people.
      I am absolutely for the penalty for people who CAN afford health insurance.
      I am sorry you got laid off.
      The right solution would be to better the existing Health Care. The premiums will go up and up because the pharmaceutical industry can do whatever they want. That’s a big Republican lobby and they need to be controlled. The prices for medications are sky high -compared to other countries.

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  2. I have SO MANY friends and family members who stand to be “cut loose” with the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Of course, as you well state, we don’t really know what the changes will be, due to the secret meetings! That so many people across our nation could be either without coverage, or find themselves with costs that leave them unable to afford premiums, is deplorable. But the secrecy and lack of accountability leaves me utterly speechless. Speechless, unless you’re sitting in my home listening to me spout off and nearly ripping my hair out. I have recently used language I thought I had retired some time ago! 😦

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    • You and me both. This angers me so much. People have voted for this and -as we saw last night- will continue to vote for it. There really seems to be a special kind of stupid that you just can’t cure.


  3. I know a lady IRL who voted for that orange dump without a brain cell and I recently went to dinner with her. She has remarried (4th time…late in life) and her husband was one of the great un-insured for YEARS. He was a farmer in Idaho, and due to gullibility and not some world class stupidity (my opinion) lost most every cent he had. His first wife’s bad health in her last years (my acquaintance is his second wife) drained the couple of any money that might have been left over, and he owed huge whopping hospital and doctor bills for her to the tune of one million dollars plus. And yet, he and his second spouse think “Obamacare” was a bad idea. He did not opt to take advantage and was (as promised) leveed hefty penalties when, after marriage #2, his own health failed. His new wife now pays in excess of $500/mo for his health insurance ALONE. The irony of their situation and their support of Cheeto dump would be funny if I were uncompassionate.

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  4. It’s really sad, Bridget. There is a good chance that my daughter will be one of the uninsured again. I don’t think it will be long before the Republicans simply state that if you can’t afford healthcare that’s your problem, not theirs. The Right-to-Life party seems more and more committed to death.

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      • The Republicans won’t implement anything until 2020 because they don’t want the heat for their cruel, greedy decisions. Hopefully, a Democratic win will halt the thing in its tracks before then or immediately reverse it. Until then, we keep fighting for basic human rights.

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