Bring your tools

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“Do you want me to bring anything?” I asked my friend before I stepped outside. I was on my way to her house, expected her to tell me to bring a nice bottle of something red.

“Yes,” she said, “Bring your tools.”

(Great. I just closed my workroom.)

“What kind of tools are you looking for?”

(Sigh, I really just wanted to kick my feet up with a nice glass of wine.)

“The kind that takes doorknobs out.”

“You want me to exchange a doorknob?” I asked with disbelieve.

(Who does she think I am? Bob the Builder?)

“No exchange, we only take them out,” she explained what made it clear to me.

“Ah, you are going to paint the doors!” I laughed and turned around to get my tools.

“No. They are fine. I am just getting rid of all the door knobs.” she said like it would be logical.

(??? Silence on my end/)

“My family doesn’t deserve doorknobs,” she continued. “I just spent an hour cleaning doors and doorframes. Fingerprints all over. They are too stupid to use doorknobs, we might as well get rid of them.”

(Oh dear, she is in a good mood I better pick up a nice bottle.)


Image result for a  bottle of good red wine


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