Silver and Gold – Get it together!


Old chairs

Silver and gold don’t match -that’s the rule, and while it’s mostly true, we all know that I don’t always follow the “rules.”

A customer of mine called me in May, and she was quite upset. Her expensive dining room set didn’t look right in her new home. The new house is modern, there is lots of glass and lots of light. The hallway entry and the formal dining room are an open area, and the colors clashed. The grayish silver in the floor and on the stairway, right beside the beige carpet and the beige/gold chairs, just didn’t work.

IMG_1200 (2)

The dining set is in good shape, just the colors were off. “We need to bring the silver and gold together,” I said and got to work.

What to do? What to do?

Image result for silver and gold color

This is one of the projects that I worked on in June during my blogging break, and I love the end result so much that I decided to post it here on my blog -what is a first since I usually don’t brag write about my work.

I delivered the chairs back to my customer’s house last weekend, and I wish, I would have had the camera ready when she saw the result. Her face lite up like Christmas tree and so did mine.

June 2017 004


14 thoughts on “Silver and Gold – Get it together!

  1. Oh WOW!!!! Bridget these chairs are amazing.. And each are perfection and fit so perfectly into her decor. Wonderful work.. And you are not bragging at all.. But showing off a wonderful skill.. I was so pleased with my own dinning room chairs I decided to re-upholster myself.. A first for me and hubby who helped me. But I was So pleased I blogged about them too.. 🙂
    You should be so proud of the results Bridget..
    Wonderful xxx ❤

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  2. I agree with Diana. You are a wizard!! I look at those chairs and I think there are multiple talents required to pull off a job like this one – knowledge about fabrics, colours, textures, and then putting it all together to professionally reupholster 8(!!!) chairs. That doesn’t even include understanding your customer.


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    • You are so sweet. It was fun and I had a good time. Putting a little bit of gold and silver on the frame was the hardest part. It all came together in the end.

      (If I would be a wizard there would be no more Trump)


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