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Ladies and Gentlemen! Walk right in, this is my biased blog, and I am proud of it. My little internet nirvana, my escape from reality or my rude awakening. One will see, what one wants to see I suppose.

My freedom of speech, my right to write about what I want, whenever I feel like it -and oh Baby, am I feeling it lately.

Some -I am trying to avoid names here- complain about fake and bad news lately, and it feels like a witch hunt. Media from the “other” side is being singled out -journalists are being intimidated and offended.

If you want to laugh out loud (or cry yourself to sleep) go to “The Media Research Center” aka “The American Watchdog.” Their goal is to create a culture in America where truth and liberty flourish and right there on their homepage, you will be asked to join a movement to neutralize the liberal media.

Imagine that. No more liberal media, no more left-wing Humbug only good news because the good news is always RIGHT.

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Am I biased? Yes, of course, I am biased, and I am proud of it. I am biased about health, food, movies, TV, books, the Kamasutra, art, fishing, crafts and -hold your horses- I am biased about politics. Yeah, that’s right!

I am biased the same way our journalists are.

It took 13 years of agony in a Gymnasium. They tortured us with foreign languages, mathematic, physics, economics, world histories, social studies, chemistry and other nonsense like art, physical education, music, and religion.

All in the name of education and they were merciless. They forced us to have an opinion, trained us to ask questions and gave us permission to raise our eyebrow whenever we felt like it. Holy Mackerel, now it all makes sense. They raised us to be biased!

Yes, I am biased and mighty proud of it. What you get here on THE HAPPY QUITTER is my opinion on anything and everything -if you like it or not. (Well, I guess if you don’t like it you might not be reading this.)

I am part of the research, part of an answer to a question you didn’t know you asked.

I hate being manipulated. I am a bad puppet; have cut the strings to all kind of puppet masters a long time ago. I am independent in every meaning of the word -as a woman and as a human being.

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My goal is to entertain myself and others with whatever comes to my mind; my intention is to make you think and laugh -not necessarily in that order.

I am just an opinion in an ocean of many. The cage-rattler, the eyebrow-raiser, the clown who can make you cry.

Could our news be more neutral or perhaps neutral all the time. I suppose they could be. Just headlines in essay form; information and facts only. But who chooses the headlines and what would be left out? Another kind of bias I suppose -will it ever end?

Aren’t we lucky? We live in a country where we can read Fox News and Breitbart News as well as MSNBC and CNN -and with the right amount of alcohol, we might even be able to handle both on a daily basis. (Sorry biased again!)

Perhaps I am biased about being biased?

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Can I write a non-biased post? Of course, I can. Perhaps one day in a far away future I will. 🙂


31 thoughts on “My biased Blog

  1. This is on point! 😀 People tend to think that bias means simply preferring one viewpoint over another, but…not being biased is certainly not just an unsorted, un-collated, group of de-prioritized facts with little context. While open to many viewpoints, your thoughts should have intention and direction – that’s often what makes thoughts valuable in the first place. Great post!

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  2. Seriously, a movement to neutralise the liberal media? Why are people so afraid of opinions? I hear lots that I don’t agree with, but I don’t expect everybody to agree with mine. Give and take, right? 🙂

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  3. That’s the trouble with opinion, if I don’t like it then I can say you are biased even if you are correct..but I would hope to have enough sense to see the facts and dismiss the fake…..I think and have always told people when I started to blog a friend said to me the blog was mine and so I should write whatever i like and most days I do just that… wishes to you, I enjoy reading your ‘biased’ blog…

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  4. I starting following ur blog because I thought it said happy quilter 🙈🙈 BUT I’m glad I found you blog anyways! Like what was said above opinions make for interesting reads! Can’t wait to read more.

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  5. Bias? Nah. You are free (for the time being) to write or say anything you want. You are certainly free to think any way you want to. Are certain factions working hard against all that? You betcha. They’d apparently like a world of clones where everything was nice. All the time. Boring as hell (IMHO) but nice. No strife, no arguments, no opinions, no bias. I say bravo to the biased thinkers! I don’t read the cloned stuff…

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  7. Unbiased posts tend to be far too anodyne, and no-one wants to read blah and boring – so I like your posts and opinions just the way they are! 🙂

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