Missing but Not Forgotten

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I was in the kitchen when I heard the news on TV. Three young women that had been found in Cleveland, not so far from where we live. I went to the living room, sat down in front of the TV and what I heard sent shivers down my spine.

Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus had been held captive for 10+years, and finally, they had been able to escape. I sat there in shock, like so many of us, couldn’t wrap my mind around it. How could this happen in the middle of a city?

The story was on the news for weeks, and missing children became for a short time the center of our attention. They showed pictures, interviewed parents, a light was shed on almost forgotten stories.

Milk cartons have disappeared and with them the pictures on it. 2013, that’s when I realized that I don’t know any of the faces anymore. I promised myself that would check the missing children’s web page from now and for about six months I did -then somehow life took over, and I forgot again.

A while back I bought “Finding me” written by Michelle Knight and a few weeks later I listened to “Hope” written by Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry. It’s not an easy read and not easy to listen to, but that’s the least I can do. These young women have a voice and a story to tell, we all should listen.

Right then, when there were only a few chapters left in the book I watched an audition of “The Missing People Choir” at Britain got Talent and shivers run down my spine again. Their performance left me in tears – and I was not the only one.

“It only takes on one person, at the right time to remember a picture of a missing person and a case can be solved,” they said, and they are right.

In the late 80’s two prominent pediatricians worried that the pictures of missing children would frighten children too much and so the pictures on milk cartons and pizza boxes disappeared. I never understood that. I think children should be aware of the dangers that are out there. It’s real; not made up like some of the games they play.

Unwanted popups show up on my screen all the time -why not use the space for a good cause. You already send the amber alert to our Tv’s and our phones, take it a step further and send it to my computer as well.

Help me keep my promise, make me remember!


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8 thoughts on “Missing but Not Forgotten

  1. I also didn’t realize those photos are no longer on milk cartons- there are amber alerts where we live for missing children that come as a message on my phone, or sometimes I will see on the electronic billboard on a highway that a child is missing. Such an awful thing.


  2. I remember the pictures on milk cartons. Amber alerts are great and since most of us have phones, they reach a lot of people quickly. It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories of the survivors, and even worse that so many are never found.

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  3. Oh my. You are right, I haven’t seen the milk cartons in years, didn’t notice that they stopped…until you brought it up. I used to study those faces, wonder where the children were, hoping I’d recognize someone when I was a kid myself. And the choir, how heartbreaking. Thank you for bringing up this continuing problem.

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