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Is it rude, when I continue eating while you say grace before the meal?

Or is it rude that you expect me to wait and listen when you talk to your god, while I would rather enjoy my food?

Perhaps it matters where we are. In your house we follow your rules, in my house, we follow mine?

But what do we do when we are both not at home? Whose rules do we follow then?

And goodness, what do we do if I worship a different version of your god or no god at all?

Perhaps you pray quietly, and I promise to chew the same way, and we both take it with grace?

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16 thoughts on “Grace

  1. I feel the couple that started saying grace should have let you know they intended to say it- or they should have asked the host if they minded if they said grace as it was their custom. I do not like it when people impose their religious observances on me without warning, first off I think it is rude. And as someone who does have religious observances, I would never think of imposing them on anyone else. Ok, my 2 cents!!

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  2. As usual, you’ve made me think about something I don’t normally give any thought to.

    My sister and her husband are the praying kind and even though I’m well aware of that, it still catches me a bit off-guard when I’m with them. Thanks for the heads-up, I’m about to spend several days with them at their cottage.

    Over the years I’ve simply learned to start eating only after my hostess has started eating. When I’m the hostess, I don’t start eating until everyone is seated and has food on their plate.

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