Scramble my Eggs

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Last night I watched “Masterchef” a show I had never watched before, and somehow I streamed into an episode where the poor cooks had to serve scrambled eggs. You wouldn’t believe how much drama there was. Scared faces left and right. 

I laughed out loud. Who can’t make scrambled eggs? I mean seriously, isn’t that the first food we all attempt to make when we are little kids?

It’s not rocket science; it’s pretty much self-explaining….SCRAMBLED EGGS. Guess what we have to do with the eggs? Dahhhhh!

The Masterchef Gordon Ramsey showed the cooks how it’s done. Good grief -what an act. The eggs could not be whisked before they were put in a pot (Yeah baby, a pot not a pan…go figure.) Also, they could not be seasoned before they were done. (WTH?)

The eggs needed butter (I knew that Grandma told me) and then they had to be carefully whisked on and off the heat. (Again WTH?)

Whisk the eggs, take them off the heat, stir them and let them cool down and put them back on the heat. Apparently, the Masterchef didn’t know a damn thing about scrambled eggs.

I did have to admit the result looked good. Different from my scrambled eggs -what slightly bothered me. He even put Cream Fraiche into the eggs at the very end, something I love and make myself.

The next day I decided to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, what is rare since I try to stay away from them.

One batch I prepared like always. Beat eggs in a bowl senseless, add seasoning, add butter and throw in a pan (OK don’t throw but rather pour them in.) Let them cook until the bottom starts to set, then use a spatula to scramble and transfer the mess to a plate.  Voila, perfect scrambled eggs.

Then, for my personal entertainment, I watched the Masterchef video on YouTube and decided to follow all the insanely complicated -and entirely unnecessary steps- to make scrambled eggs. 22 million have watched the clip so far -what is wrong with this nation?

7 minutes later I was a nervous wreck -just like the TV chefs the night before. I looked proudly at the plates, like a mother hen after laying a perfect egg.

One plate looked like always, the other plate looked different. The color of the eggs was strange, more yellow -what bothered me endlessly. Surely, this was just an optical illusion -eggs are eggs after all.

Next step was the taste-test. I tried my scrambled eggs first, and they tasted good (In your face Masterchef) then I put the fork in the fluffy mess of the other plate and carefully ate the eggs.

I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it a bit. The eggs tasted good, better than my scrambled eggs, that’s the part I didn’t like. My husband came to the same result (There is no loyalty anymore.)

After careful consideration, I decided not to watch this show anymore. It forked up my little world. I don’t want to know what else I am doing wrong. 🙂






24 thoughts on “Scramble my Eggs

  1. I watch a lot of cooking shows, but only for the entertainment value of the personalities involved. Right off the bat, that’s the reason I have not watched and would never watch a show featuring Gordon Ramsey!
    I look at food more as a source of sustenance than as art appreciation. That’s why I eat way too many packaged products and haven’t really cooked in ages.
    I also like simplicity, which is why the only way I cook eggs nowadays is to hard boil them. My dad would cook scrambled eggs occasionally when I was a child. By the time his grandchildren came along, his method had devolved to beating them in a microwave safe bowl and then zapping them for a minute or so! I think he might have added just a touch of milk, salt and pepper before cooking them by any method.

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    • I have some health issues (autoimmune disorders) and the “right” or “wrong” food causes me pain -lots of it.
      I love to cook what works now in advantage. Eggs and chicken bring me pain, dairy does the same and I just learned that I can’t eat gluten anymore.

      I am not perfect, sometimes I want eggs and if I do…they better be good. 🙂

      I get my inspirations from some cooking shows, but don’t do the drama and adjust the recipes to our needs.

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  2. OMG! I watched that episode too. I’ve never watched MasterChef before and became mesmerized by this scrambled egg challenge. I too thought it was ridiculously complicated, but how interesting that you chose to actually challenge the results! Kudos, my friend … even if you didn’t like the conclusion. You rock 😀

    btw – I prefer my eggs hard-boiled 😉

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  3. I’m a fan of the Masterchef franchise (especially the UK and Australia editions, not seen US) and I’m often amazed how complicated some of the most basic of dishes becomes in the hands of the professionals! Still, they do deliver some cracking dishes too, so I’m okay with their overkill on the basics!!

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    • I love to cook and I have been told I am a good cook. I have learned something new that I won’t forget. I loved the show, but the theatrical behavior of the judges and some of the contestants threw me off.

      It’s only a cooking show. They don’t cure cancer or find the solution for world peace. It’s just scrambled eggs. 🙂

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  4. OMG my friend you are the best!!!! I cannot stop laughing from this post, especially this part “Beat eggs in a bowl senseless, add seasoning, add butter and throw in a pan ,then use a spatula to scramble and transfer the mess to a plate.” What does taking the pan on and off the stove do? Enhance the flavor of the eggs? Make them fluff more? All I know is my father was the master of scrambles egg making and he added cream cheese to them which made them delectable. He was also the master of fried egg sandwiches- secret ingredient, butter and mayonnaise on the bread. Cholesterol be damned!!!

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    • You Dad was a smart man and a good cook. Apparently, eggs continue to cook when they are taken out of the pan, what’s the reason so many people serve dried out scrambled eggs.

      The secret is to take them off the heat and cool them down, in this case with Creme Fraiche. Your Dad used cream cheese.
      Not seasoning the eggs before they are done keeps them yellow -so I have been told. As for the heat on and off -not a clue.
      Glad I made you laugh. 🙂

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  5. Ha ha ha. I do them the old fashioned way, Bridget. In fact, sometimes I’m so lazy I crack the eggs into the frying pan and THEN scramble them – saves me from having to wash a bowl. 🙂 I’ll eat them the Gordon Ramsay way, but only if someone else cooks!

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  6. My opinion only: Chef people make simple dishes complicated to justify their usually over priced salary. And I’m glad the eggs you made turned out so well…you lost me after step 2. Turning the heat on and off? you so eloquently stated: WTH? The best (bar none) scrambled eggs I ever had were at a friend’s house. She was always going on about how she couldn’t cook and blah blah…so when she offered me eggs…I was initially “nooo, uh thanks” but damn. All she did was break the eggs into the frying pan and let them set and then scrambled them up. A little salt and pepper and we had brunch. Best damn eggs ever. Me? I follow her ‘recipe’ now when I make them except I add a little cheese to the almost finished product. Good eggs. Maybe it’s whatever works for one?

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  7. When “Good Eats” with Alton Brown was on the air, I loved that show, but after a few attempts to make food the Alton Brown way, I went back to making it MY way. I still like the show because it has some interesting stuff on it, but I think that chef cooking is WAY too complicated for the average household.

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