A Different Wedding Reception

I waited for the weather forecast when I heard the story about a young lady I would like to share.

INDIANAPOLIS — A school bus pulled up in front of the manicured landscaping of the Ritz Charles in Carmel on Saturday. It was a sunny, beautiful day for a wedding.

About a dozen homeless stepped off the bus. Sarah Cummins, in a jeweled sleeveless peplum top and pastel pants, cheerfully greeted and welcomed them to the reception in the glass house.

This was supposed to be Cummins’ wedding day.

But after the 25-year-old Purdue University pharmacy student and her fiance, Logan Araujo, canceled their $30,000 wedding a week ago for undisclosed reasons, the two were left with the non-refundable would-be celebration.



22 thoughts on “A Different Wedding Reception

  1. I’m such a cynic… I wondered if they were able to keep the clothes that were donated, because if so, that would be great, and helpful if any of them are seeking work.

    As for the bride to be, it’s a beautiful gesture on her part. I’m sure that the people who attended will be talking about this for a long time.

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  2. Lovely. She WILL reap the reward of her generosity, because random acts of kindness without thought of reward are so rare. And whatever the circumstances of the wedding being called off? She was lucky and wise. If a union isn’t right, carrying on with it just because plans have been made and money spent or because ‘what will people say/think/do’ is a recipe (IMHO) for disaster. A sibling of mine has a daughter who (apparently) has made a poor choice for their spouse. The sibling was grousing about the lack of character of his son-in-law, and I said “Talk to the kid. Tell him your concerns.” My brother seemed unwilling to do that for fear of alienating his daughter, which is a valid concern. But to ME? He may be sparing her years of compromise and trying to live with her bad choice. On the other hand, maybe the son-in-law will turn out better than expected.

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  3. Oh what a beautiful share dear Bridget.. Something similar happened to my niece.. and the event got cancelled and wasted.. Such a thoughtful gesture to so many, and I am sure she will be rewarded many times throughout her life for her generosity in sharing ❤ Thank you for sharing with us all xxx

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