Six Months


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The Wordless Wednesday picture I posted the day after the election

I still wake up and wish it all would be just a dream. Much has changed during the last six months. I still laugh a lot and giggle like a little girl, but there is also a sadness in me that you can often see -and hear- when I read or watch the news. 

Many of the changes have disheartened me more than ever before. This is not my first rodeo, but it seems to be the hardest one. Presidents have come and gone, and I have respected them all -even the ones from THE OTHER SIDE. In the end, they always meant well, just in a different way. My respect is gone, it flew away like a little Tweety bird.

Laws have been changed, and I have cried tears over it; tears of anger and tears of helplessness.

The U.S. animal abuse record has been removed from the website of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) which had been posting them publicly for decades. No more inspection records or annual reports for commercial animal facilities. The documents are not public anymore, now we have to file an official request to see them. I fear that it will prolong the suffering of animals if we hide abuse. To me it doesn’t matter, I am still a volunteer in animal rescue -always will be.

Trump and Pence gave the states the right to defund Planned Parenthood, and I made my first donation.

I could go on and on. We all have read about the environmental changes, the Paris Climate Agreement. What could I add that hasn’t been written or said. I adjusted my life and support causes I believe in. I am as outspoken as always -just quieter -if that makes any sense.

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That’s how I felt after Trump’s first 100 days.

The most significant change is something that only I can hear -and people like me.

Americans are friendly people -still are. They hear an accent, and they want to know more, they don’t hold back, they ask. “Where are you from?” It is a standard question that I have heard for 30+ years. “Ah, Italy! Ah, Austria,” they respond and share their knowledge and anecdotes with me. Often I end up talking about my life with complete strangers, something that I am used to by now. I have met amazing people that way.

Lately, another question has been added. “Do you have two citizenships?” they want to know and when I confirm the look at me. “You are lucky! You could leave.”

The first time I heard that it floored me. The second time still took me by surprise, now I have heard it too often. I thought it was just me, but it’s not. A good friend of mine is from Canada, she gets the same reply.

Americans consider people with a double citizenship now lucky because we don’t have to stay. That’s the most dramatic shift.

The poor from South America don’t want to come to the United States of America anymore, they go further, either Europe or Canada. Trump supporters are cheerful about it, they don’t want them here. I am afraid they don’t see the big picture. If the poor don’t feel comfortable here, what makes you think the rich won’t feel the same?

Students are going back to their home country or study elsewhere. “We don’t need them,” they say, but most of us know that that’s not good.

As for me. I have hope, and I still believe in unicorns, dragons, and fairies. In the end, time flies and all of this all will be over soon. It just feels like a lifetime.

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Blindfolded Hope



28 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. I don’t have words, Bridget. We used to be appalled by bad behaviour/bad decisions that would be a 5/10. Now we are regularly exposed to behaviour and decisions that are 100/10 on the appalling scale. All I can do is shake my head and hope that Trump and his cronies will be exposed sooner, rather than later, for the self-serving, lying, deceitful scoundrels that they are.


  2. As much as I wish we could just get quiet and wait it out I think we have to stay noisy. We have to let our members of Congress know how we feel. We have to write about it, talk about it, sing about it if that helps. I know your feeling of helplessness. My best days are those when I don’t turn the TV on at all. I want to just leave it off. But he’s doing bad things. You are right, they won’t easily be righted. We have to try to stop as much of it as we can. This is going to be a long 4 years. We have to MAKE SURE HE IS NOT REELECTED!!

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      • I don’t do it as regularly but, after the result in the Senate this week, it appears that all of us who are speaking up to our Federal representatives are making a difference, even if that difference is only enough to have escaped the Obamacare Repeal and Replace by the skin of our teeth! Keep at it, Bridget!
        My biggest disappointment after the Senate vote was that the Senators from my current home of Tennessee fell for the rhetoric of their leaders on that final vote, though they did have some decent votes or at least voiced some decent opinions on some of the earlier bills which also thankfully failed. That’s why I’m starting to do some more work locally, in my home county, to educate my fellow citizens about how the conservative Republicans they have elected at all levels generally do not serve them well personally as individuals.

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  3. The world is worried by your president and what he is doing both in the US and to the world. I was staggered last night hearing on our Australia an news last night the number of illegal migrants in Australua from the US. Beats those from the Uk by a lot. In the thousands but I can’t recall the exact number.

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  4. I sympathise with your lot Bridget. We are in a similar situation in the UK. Must be something to do with the “Special Relationship”! I sometimes feel that there has been a catastrophic shift in the human psyche and it passed me, and a very few others, by.


  5. Are you SURE this ‘too shall pass?” Because the longer it lasts, the less faith I have that the situation won’t change America forever in some horrible and unacceptable way. If Karma exists, Cheeto & company are due for something very bad to happen to all of them to let them feel the way most Americans are with them in charge. And I too believe in all the mythical creatures. Hell I’ve SEEN them IRL … for instance don’t you think Cheeto makes a great dung troll? Hee . Thanks for posting and continuing to give us perspective on this debacle.


  6. It’s so sad, Bridget. One of the European leaders was lamenting Trump’s decision that the US would no longer be a world leader. He finished by saying that we would be again when Trump is no longer president. I hope that’s true and we once again will be inspired by our values and dreams.

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      • I have more hope, Bridget. The sane people have figured out how to put the pressure on their representatives. Look at the healthcare bill. The Republicans have the whole government and they can’t get it done (cross fingers). And if they pass repeal, they’re going to be outta there next year. We have to keep up the drumbeat.


  7. I think it’s amazing how short sighted some (some, not all, some) people can be about the impact that immigrants have on our nation of… immigrants. I can’t do much to change the minds of these people so I just shake my head sadly and to my best to change my little corner of the world for the better.

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  8. I feel your pain. I still think maybe this has all been a huge mistake and we’ll hear that the votes were counted incorrectly or that trump will come clean about election hacking and his win will be invalidated. To make matters worse, my husband is insisting I get over this and support trump. I really feel afraid for my marriage. I’m 60 and we’ve been married 40 years. I’m scared.

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