Please Ask your Rapist


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We are writing our own version of the Handmaiden’s Tale, and it’s a brutal one. 

(House Bill 1566)   By the end of the month, women seeking abortions in Arkansas have to ask the biological fathers permission before they can have an abortion. And while this makes sense in a healthy relationship, it doesn’t in an abusive one. Sadly, that’s not all. The new law doesn’t exclude rape victims.

First, the women have to endure the humiliation of being violated and raped, and, since that’s not enough, now they have to ask the criminal for permission if they don’t want to have the child. The new law doesn’t exclude incest either.

A child being raped and abused by a family member doesn’t seem to have any rights anymore. What a heartless world it is!

There is a big difference between being pro-abortion or being pro-choice. We couldn’t have children and abortion is something I don’t approve of. Nevertheless, I am pro-choice. I think abortion should be the last option but in the end, it should be up to the Mother. It’s her life and her body. Who am I to judge? Who am I to order?

The bill passed Arkansas’ house and senate without anyone voting against it.

If there is a god, I hope it’s a woman, and I hope all those hypocrites making laws like that get bitch-slapped right there at the pearly gates before they get turned away. And while we are at it, may I be allowed to watch, please!

Goodness, what is this nation turning into and what is next?

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29 thoughts on “Please Ask your Rapist

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  2. Did that Bill pass? Is it now LAW that women who have genetically defective (non-life compatible or bound to have such low quality of life that not being born is a blessing) children, rape victims and victims of incest are forced to bear children they didn’t want? Who are reminders (in the last two instances) of something horrible that happened to the woman? This world is getting too f*cked up to live in. *smh* And I’d like to spit in the eye of all those who went around saying that C-dump was going to be ‘fair to women’ after his election. Yeah, right.

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      • It is unconstitutional to force Mothers to have children, just because a few right-wing, religious nutcases force their beliefs on everybody.

        In human development, a fetus or foetus is a prenatal human between the embryonic state and birth. The fetal stage of development tends to be taken as beginning at the gestational age of eleven weeks, i.e. nine weeks after fertilization.


      • There was a similar sort of bad bill passed in Tennessee. Thank goodness it appears that implementation was delayed by a State Supreme Court decision. That’s why there are checks and balances among the branches of government at all levels. Of course, there are those sad occasions where narrow minded male morons are in the majority in all of them. Tennessee seems to have escaped that situation, at least for the short term. I hope you are as fortunate in Arkansas. I have no doubt that all these new laws that have come into effect, generally in the Bible Belt states though sometimes elsewhere, too, are meant to make abortions impossible. That’s why I almost don’t mind if Trump is not impeached. I know Mike Pence would be worse than him in this regard.

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