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Cesare Tanassi 


Men so heartless ruled the earth for many years
And still today heartless and soulless men claim their hands are free of blood when it’s on every inch of their body, and still they control us

Why do men so heartless hold the power with their pride?
Why do the weak have more heart than the strong and heartless?

I have to be heartless to be strong
Have the most heart and be weak

©Deepening Wells

14 thoughts on “Heartless

  1. Time and again I get this feeling you have to be heartless to be strong. Despite how people say it is the gentle people with a forgiving heart that are strong but they also happen to be the people with so much pain and heartbreak.


  2. Being kind and choosing love and compassion requires courage. It requires giving of the self, making sacrifices for others, choosing what’s not in one’s own self-interest, but what’s in the best interests of all. It requires the courage to take risks, to leave oneself vulnerable. I believe it is weak, fearful men who build fortresses of power. They are so gutless that they will do anything – manipulate, lie, cheat, and bully – in order to hoard their power. Why some people believe that behavior is admirable is beyond me.


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