The Blame

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People who diet
then splurge
bitterly complain
what they lose
they regain.
Why that should be
is no great mystery
and least a defeat
for the urge to diet
is weaker than the urge to eat.

(Author unknown)

For my dear friend, who needs to shut her piehole in more than one way. 🙂

Love you, oh weak one!


8 thoughts on “The Blame

  1. Oh, life can be so unfair sometimes! This statement is based on my theory that some people are just born to be skinny and some are not. I count myself in the latter category, of course, though I have cut myself more and more slack as I exceed successive figures that I had hoped would be a permanent “set point” for my weight.

    It may be that nothing tastes as good as thin feels, but, since I haven’t been thin in anyone’s estimation since I was a baby who wouldn’t open my mouth to be spoon fed, I guess I could also say that this doesn’t apply to me!?

    Rest assured, though, that I still keep trying to control it, and hope to return to even my normal low level of physical activity after recovery from hip replacement surgery, which I haven’t been able to schedule in the week or so since deciding to proceed with the first surgery I’ve ever had in my 62 years. There’s that factor behind the decision, along with the fact that I’ve been paying for a pretty much unusable gym membership for the past six months, that finally drove me to conquer my fear of the surgeon’s scalpel!


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