Silence is Compliance


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I miss our religious leaders to condemn what happened in Charlottesville. I want to hear them condemn racism, hate and white supremacy. I want to hear an uproar from the smallest church up to the biggest cathedral. I want them to condemn racism, hate, and bigotry once and for all.

Why are they quiet?

I want to see (and hear) that there is no party affiliation. I want to know that those haters don’t sit in church on Sunday and nobody calls them out. I need to know that the right wing is not protected by religion or any church.

Our religious leaders in this country are going to speak up, aren’t they? Because if not, we might think that the people who like to hide their face under a white sheet, attend church on Sunday.

I have heard very little from priests, pastors, and preachers on this matter. Sadly it doesn’t really surprise me. I am just disappointed.

Perhaps the ground will shake next weekend when all of them will finally take a stand during their next Sunday ceremony, but I honestly doubt it.

Either way, I won’t hear it, perhaps you will.

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16 thoughts on “Silence is Compliance

  1. I agree that it would be great if religious leaders and groups could take a more decisive stance on these issues. Frankly, it’s shocking that they haven’t! But I also wish we could tackle these issues before they become significant news events. I’m so afraid that this event will create only a spike in our attention towards bigotry in our society, but the next news cycle will redirect our attention away from these systemic issues.

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  2. Actually the Mormon leaders did condemn the actions. It’s quite clear that we, as a church, will not tolerate that kind of thinking. And yes, I know there are those in the LDS Church which do think the same way as those idiots in Charlottesville. But there are those idiots in all sorts of places you wouldn’t expect too.

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  3. I’ve heard some clergy speak up, Bridget, but can’t say what is happening in the churches across America. Like you, I would hope that Christianity doesn’t support racism, bigotry, and hate. But it does seem that in some churches the teachings of Jesus have taken a back seat to those of the Devil.

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