AGT – No, No Ladies!


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Yesterday at AGT (America got Talent) the female judge Mel B. got up and threw water at Simon Cowell. That wasn’t a first; she and Heidi Klum have done it before. Whenever the ladies are lost for words or don’t have a smart reply, they chose to throw a temper tantrum like little kids in Kindergarten. 

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Every time they do that I shake my head in disbelieve. Are they not aware that children are watching this family show? Is that what we want to teach our little girls?

“Go ahead little girl, if you don’t like what the little boys have to say, get physical.” What a message this sends.

Imagine it would have been the other way around and Simon Cowell or Howie Mandel would have lower themselves to such an act. What if they would throw water at the ladies, just because they don’t like what they have to say.

What an uproar this would be. Our news would be full of it and over night it would be all about them abusing women. We fought for that. A man has no right to attack us physically in any form or way and I am sorry, but throwing water at a person is an attack in my books. What goes for men, goes for women as well. It is called equality!

Perhaps they think it’s funny and entertaining. Well, it’s not. Not even close.

I can’t help but wonder, what is next? Will they be spitting at each other at the judge’s table, or perhaps slap each other in the face? Wait a minute, this has already been done as well. Paper or their empty notebooks have been used to hit the male judges.

For me, it’s a question of style and class. We live in a time where verbal abuse and attacks seem to be the new normal. Do we really have to continue to make it worse? What message are we sending to the kids these days?

I hope there will be consequences. New female judges with more class and more style would be a good start!

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30 thoughts on “AGT – No, No Ladies!

  1. I hate programmes like that, they are so false. I agree that had that been the other way round there would have been an uproar, but I sometimes wonder if, amongst all of the fuss there is a little bit of staging to something like this. The show is fake, so maybe this is too? I have no time for Mel B or any of the Spice Girls – artificial, meaningless drivel – but I must admit I’d quite like to throw water over Cowell too, for all the crimes he has committed against music 😊

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    • We have been watching it for the first (and last) time. I think Cowell is the one who is the most realistic one. Not much drama on his end -what I like. As for the music shows. I assume you mean American Idol – I have to pass..never watched it, so I can’t judge.

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      • Cowell runs the UK versions of this – Britain’s Got Talent and the X Factor. He is smug and self-satisfied, and has succeeded in making a fortune by proving that kids shouldn’t be given money to buy music – our charts have become terrible since he started his business. I detest the man. If he’s the realistic one that isn’t saying much for the others!


  2. Mel B drives me insane!!! I was so into it in the beginning but now she’s driving me up a wall and I don’t know if I wanna watch. But at the same time I’m invested in it already haha

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  3. I’m not a fan of reality TV – any of those shows.
    If that’s how they’re behaving – and likely doing it as required by management to “add tension and drama” – then I’m just that much happier I don’t watch it.

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  4. Hate these shows with a passion, let’s have no doubt who the stars of the show are – it’s not the people on the stage, that’s for sure. All of the so called judges are in competition with each other. It’s awful, They’ve turned cooking into a competition by adding unbelievably pressure. Everyone trying to outdo each other. Insulting each other, crying and desperation. Did I mention I hate these shows! By the way I think all TV sucks – drama shows with too much graphic detail…don’t get me started.

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    • I like some shows, even love some but I am a picky viewer. I am not easily drawn into something new.
      I agree with you on the cooking shows but same here, some are fun, especially if they have to work with the same ingredients.
      I don’t like reality TV since it’s not real.


  5. You know, I always taught my sons to never ever hit a woman because we’re smaller and weaker than most men (a physical fact). However! if a woman attacks them, they are within their rights to physically restrain her, even if it means knocking her ass to the ground.

    I told my daughters that they’re more than welcome to hit whomever they please — male or female. But if they do, they’d better be able to suffer the consequences, because violence begets violence, and no one should be expected to stand around and get smacked by anyone, even someone smaller and weaker than themselves.

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  6. How do you sit through that? Simon (whom I understand is leaving at the end of this season) is the only ‘judge’ of any merit, the rest (IMHO) are wanna-bes and has-beens who are looking for any publicity they can garner. I wouldn’t watch Howie Mandel in any case. From this ‘quality’ a show what else did you really expect but moronic, attention garnering tantrums? I guess it’s obvious I don’t care for that type of show.

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    • Our summer TV sucks. We watched it this year because we know the family of one of the contestants.

      You are right it is painful to watch. The female judges and the female commentator make me flinch inside. Howie Mandell is just silly but sometimes also very humbled, what surprised me. The female judges are the ones who make it almost unbearable to watch.
      We have given up cable and our DVR system this year, so we watch the show live but are busy doing other things until “our” talent comes on.

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