Reaching out – Update of a busy summer


Last year around this time I was moping around. I missed my best friend, reminisced about her and the good times we had. I thought about other good friends I had lost and all the ones we had left behind when we moved out of state.

I wanted to reach out to the city and the people. I was ready for a girl’s night out, or just some female companionship. I wanted to meet people other than neighbors and people we work for -or with. 

One night, with the help of a glass of wine, I had the  crazy idea and started a Meetup group that I named “Fabulous 50+ Women making new friends.” Within two weeks we were 20  members and six of us met for the first time. As of today, the group has 167 members and most of them are pretty active.

It was a busy summer. We went from one festival to the next, we enjoyed concerts, and open-air theater plays. We have a monthly “Ladies Night Out,” and enjoy good food and great company. We have a good time together and it shows.


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While Meetup is free for the members, it cost $14,99 per month for the organizers. I was willing to pay the monthly fee alone -at least for a while -but it never came to it. So far I have gotten $247,82 in contributions -without asking for it. I haven’t paid a dime out of my own pocket. “Do we need more money,” the ladies ask every time we meet. We are already paid up until February 2018.

We went to almost every festival in town. Greek festival, Irish festival, Bacon festival, arts and craft shows and my personal favorite, the food truck festival. Wherever we are, there is laughter and fun and always good food.


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We went to museums and art galleries; we enjoyed theater plays, music concerts, and picnics. We like each other and all get along. We had 60 Meetup evens in 10 months, there was something for everybody.

Soon I saw that I couldn’t do it alone anymore and now I have two co-organizers and six even planers. We are busy like bees.


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We are out and about and now call us the “Funtastic 50+ women making new friends,” since other groups borrowed our original name.

Some of us connected more than others, and we call and text each other and meet outside the group as well.

Founding this group was one of the best ideas I ever had, and I am looking forward to all the fall and winter activities. There will be hiking and walking events, even a bike tour is planned and I am afraid they will make me sing and dance.

In December one of my secret wishes will come true. We will rent two party limousines for 3 hours, and 32 of us will enjoy a Holiday Light tour. Needless to say the bar in the limousines will be fully stocked and we all will wear Santa or Elf hats.

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32 thoughts on “Reaching out – Update of a busy summer

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  3. Oh Bridget! Reading this has made me so happy! I remember how unhappy and lonely you were last year. I’m sure the success of this group can be largely attributed to your energy and enthusiasm. You have every right to be proud!!
    I LOVE the sound of your limo tour in December. I may need to stowaway!!

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  4. Lovely! I belong to the “Meetup” organization here…mine is concerned with blues and jazz, which in Utah, can be a difficult thing to find (at least QUALITY blues and jazz…). Ill health has rendered me unable to participate and I miss it. Your group sounds like so much fun! We have a small version (not affiliated with Meetup though) through our local church, but most of the ladies in it (like me) are in questionable health and some are quite elderly, so who knows how long they will be with us to enjoy. But usually they are the ones encouraging the younger women to ‘come along! Let’s do *insert activity*’…it’s great. You sound like someone who it would be a pleasure to call a friend! Lucky people around you! 🙂

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  5. Meetup is a great place if you live in or near a bigger city. I used it myself when I lived in Albuquerque. Now that I’m in a semi-rural area, it’s *really* difficult to get a group going. But I always encourage people to try, because it’s great when it works.

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