Restaurant Chains A to F Grades

McDonald’s and Taco Bell serve healthier food than Olive Garden and Cracker Barrel. Who would have thought? The third annual report of Friends of the Earth (  is as interesting as last years report.

Chain Reaction III is the third annual report and scorecard that grades America’s top restaurant chains on their policies and practices regarding the antibiotic use and transparency in their meat and poultry supply chains. Fourteen out of twenty-five chains received passing grades.

Most improved is KFC from last years F, to a B- this year. Eleven restaurants earned “F” grades for failing to adopt and disclose effective antibiotics stewardship policies

“We must stop squandering antibiotics on animals that aren’t sick at a time when these vital medications are losing their ability to fight infections in people,” said Jean Halloran, Director of Food Policy Initiatives at Consumers Union, the policy and mobilization arm of Consumer Reports.  “Fast food restaurants have tremendous market power and should use their leverage to help address this public health crisis by ending the misuse of antibiotics.” (Source:

Healthy dishes start with healthy ingredients, it’s that simple.


7 thoughts on “Restaurant Chains A to F Grades

  1. This was a very frightening visual.

    What caught my attention though was the contradiction between the organization’s name of “Friends of the Earth”, versus their URL name “” Being both friend and foe just struck me as funny.

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