These Liberals

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They say I am a baby murdering liberal, a leftie, a snowflake. They call me an atheist, just because I openly admit to NOT KNOW. Many names are used to describe people like me since last year November. 

I am the gay lover, a troll, a fool, a moron, a dreamer, a left extremist, even though I quite often find myself in the center. I became the snowflake, the sore loser, the independent fool because I didn’t vote for HIM -what makes me now the enemy, so it seems. The internet is our battlefield -all gloves are off.

Me, the woman who longed to have children of her own, is being called a baby murderer, just because I believe women should have the right to choose. The common ground we once had has disappeared after an Election-Tsunami nobody saw coming.

What shocks me the most is the hatred that lingers behind these written words. How deeply embedded the hate must be. I have never felt more disconnected from the other side. Our leaders are not helping, instead, they pour oil on a fire that’s already burning high.

It almost feels like we are at war, a civil war with words and so far there is no end in sight.

I felt depressed and frustrated, but something has shifted over the last weeks. I start to take pride again. I take pride in being me.

Being a liberal, a leftie snowflake means I am educated, and the education did not stop in my brain, it spread further to my heart. I do care about all people the same. We are all unique, there is no snowflake alike, they are all different -we snowflakes know this.

When people call me a leftist and a liberal/progressive, I’m really starting to take pride in it. Being a leftist means I care about other people over my wallet, I support human rights, and I accept science and statistics instead of making things up in my head. It means I’m educated, a critical thinker, and a proponent for change to end society’s ills. Under Trump, being called a liberal is the highest compliment anyone could ask for, as we understand how the world works and want to change it for the better, not just for ourselves but for everybody.

I am holding my head up high; I am proud to be a snowflake.

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19 thoughts on “These Liberals

  1. Loved your quoted description, which I may also repost on my county’s Democratic Party website. We liberal progressives need a positive way to describe ourselves and what we stand for and believe in, as opposed to just being anti-Trump and anti the conservative Republican agenda.


  2. Well done for standing up for what you believe in. It sounds similar to here, where those of us who voted Remain and think we made a terrible decision in our referendum are denigrated as Remoaners, but those who say it show no argument for their own case. Sadly, hatred seems to be a way of life for some people these days.


  3. You are brave. I too am a liberal, believe in choice, in treating everyone the same. But I know, via social media, that many of my friends are Trump supporters and believe in things I don’t believe. Yet I also know they have hearts and feel for people beyond their wallets Still. I stay quiet about my own views. Fear keeps me quiet. I was quiet even before HIM, but I’m doubly quiet now. I don’t know how to state my position without losing many people I care about. Not all Trump supporters are uneducated, unfeeling people. There has to be some middle ground.

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    • I have republican friends as well, but they are not extreme, neither do they believe in name calling. We are getting along just fine. They respect me and I respect them, most of them didn’t vote for Trump either, they were waiting for Bernie and sat the election out, because they wouldn’t vote for Hillary if hell would freeze over. 🙂

      I lost one friend with the last election and it was in the making. She was trigger happy, disrespected my believes each and every time she visited our home. Her need to be “packed” was more important then my wishes, so losing her was not a loss.

      I have never been extreme until now. I believe we all can coexist and be happy as long as we make sure we all have a voice and get heard. Wishful thinking I assume.

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