What if Gun Laws were Abortion Laws?

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“How about we treat every young man who wants to buy a gun like every woman who wants to get an abortion — mandatory 48-hr waiting period, parental permission, a note from his doctor proving he understands what he’s about to do, a video he has to watch about the effects of gun violence.“Let’s close down all but one gun shop in every state and make him travel hundreds of miles, take time off work, and stay overnight in a strange town to get a gun. Make him walk through a gauntlet of people holding photos of loved ones who were shot to death, people who call him a murderer and beg him not to buy a gun.

It makes more sense to do this with young men and guns than with women and health care, right? I mean, no woman getting an abortion has killed a room full of people in seconds, right?” (Brian Murtagh)

It does make one think, doesn’t it?



13 thoughts on “What if Gun Laws were Abortion Laws?

  1. I get what he’s saying and I think it would be wise to put more restrictions on buying guns. The two issues, buying a gun and getting an abortion, aren’t the same. Not everyone buying a gun is going to kill a room full of people. There are responsible gun owners who want limits on weapons too. Abortion is another story ….. the woman is choosing to end the potential of life (and this isn’t a judgement on that difficult choice).

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