Today I fell in love with Rap

Rap, the one music style I never liked and never listened too, today I took my time and listened to the rapper Eminem for the first time.  I am not too old to be open-minded; art comes in many forms and ways, some of them I might not understand. 

Standing up for what we believe, that’s not that always easy. I admire people who are not afraid to speak up; it does come with consequences. The RIGHT fans don’t take criticism very well.

I lost followers and readers when I started to share my human and political beliefs. I didn’t care. I never blogged and wrote for numbers -never cared for statistics, it didn’t bother me much. Not saying what I have to say, would feel like selling my soul. My soul is not for sale!

In 20 years, when somebody will ask me. “Back then did you do something,” I will hold my head up high and will answer, “Yes, nothing big, but I spoke up.”

Sticking my head in the sand, that’s just not me. “There is nothing we can do,” that’s a sentence I have often heard during the last 10 months.

Why do I get involved? Why do I speak up? Why will some of us never be quiet?


That’s why!

Kudos Eminem! Well done!



19 thoughts on “Today I fell in love with Rap

    • Right now I love everybody who stands up and speaks up. There are many platforms for travelers, I don’t have to be on each one of them. 🙂 Rap is not my music style, but I like that piece. Freestyle rap, never even heard of it. He uses his voice and I admire him for it, if I could I would thank him.

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