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I have been somewhat quiet on my blog lately, questioned the sense behind it all. Blogging takes time -time that I am not sure, if I am still willing to give. Real life is waiting behind the screen, and it’s pulling me in different directions. 

A voice inside me tells me I am too old -or not old enough- to spend so much time in a virtual world; especially if the virtual world is so different from the real one. Perhaps I am burned out, or I am just not sure about the direction of my blog anymore.

Everyday life has so much to offer, so much has to be done. Should I sit in front of a screen and talk about change, or should I go outside and actually be the change. Perhaps both? My blog has changed over the last 16 months. The election and politics became an important issue to me. More and more did I take a stand and made clear on which side I can be found.

I never cared about likes and followers, even told readers to unfollow me when they tortured my brain and tested my patience. Should I stop blogging or should I continue and, IF I continue, what would I like my blog to be?

Some blogs I follow have started out so interesting and have become so boring and predictable over time. Am I one of them? I fear I might be and I don’t like that at all. “You quit when you’re on top,” that’s an old sports rule that I always found to be true. I prefer to be missed, rather than overdo my welcome -if that makes any sense.

I am torn.

There are the simple pleasures that I would like to write about. The old Austrian and Italian recipes, different cultures; travel spots in Europe that can’t be found in tourist guides. There is so much in my past that I would like to share, so many beautiful places I have seen, so many great experiences I was allowed to have.  But then I ask myself, “Do readers really want to know about my love for pancake soup and liver dumplings?”

And then there are the serious subjects that so many bloggers avoid. Being the “raised eyebrow” once in a while is as much fun as being the silly blogger who makes you laugh. The more I think about it, the more I see that my blog will always be all over the place. I can’t be pinned down, not in real life and not here on my blog.

I always wake up with a smile and try to keep on smiling throughout the day, but there are screams inside me and sometimes -as you all know- they have to be let out so that I can smile again.

I am taking a short blogging break! I will sort out my feeling and will then follow my gut and make a decision that will probably make no sense at all.

What can I say? That’s me!

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47 thoughts on “My Blogging Future

  1. Thank you for sharing this, it’s a shame I’m discovering your blog just now. I think blogging doesn’t need to be all encompassing and can definitely be done alongside other activities etc. But if your heart isn’t in it, then like anything maybe it’s best to take a break for now. The way I view my blog is as something I enjoy and a way to share experience and be part of a community also, but also it makes me feel like at least I’m creating and doing something practical with my spare time. I wish you the best in your blogging journey anyway, and thank you for sharing this honest reflective post

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  2. Don’t get discouraged. If you have something to say, keep writing. It is not only about the bloggers, but also about those who find your articles in Google when they are looking for something they want to know. You don’t have to write every day or something. You should feel comfortable, not burdened. Take a break and come back in 2018 🙂 I am often away, and publish the things I have stashed for the rainy day 🙂 I only have the time to answer the comments, and very little time to visit. But should I quit altogether? I don’t think so. Hope to read more posts from you 🙂 xxxx


  3. I don’t think age is a hindrance as many bloggers are retired. Actually retirement is an ideal time to blog because you have Free time. For Seniors – Golden Oldies their time is their own. Basically my job owns me body, soul and spirit. No free time. I don’t even get to see my one living family member.
    I’m so tired after work that I can’t think straight much less write a coherent blog.


  4. I agree with you. Once I started asking myself why I’m blogging and if it’s really worth it. Plus I work long hours and am fighting medical problems. How many things can I do successfully and not be frustrated. Something had to give. So when my laptop gave up the ghost the decision was made for me. The WordPress app for Android is good but limited and difficult to type.


  5. “Do readers really want to know about my love for pancake soup and liver dumplings?”
    The Internet is huge – there’s sure to be someone! But what does it matter? If it gives you pleasure to write about it, why does it matter if no one reads it? Well, that’s my philosophy – I blog for the satisfaction it gives ME. If that satisfaction disappears then I guess I’ll stop blogging. Keep up the good work, I say!


  6. I’ve had similar thoughts on several occasions, and post much less often than I used to. Like you, I wonder if I have anything worthwhile left to say, and have strayed from my original purpose. But I keep coming back. I hope you do too, but only if you feel it’s right for you.

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  7. It seems like a lot of social media has slowed down and gotten negative since the election. I’ve enjoyed your blog of substance, wit and humor. My blog started as a way to share my story and blog about lessons learned. Off and on, since this election, I’ve gotten political. It’s hard not to. Like you, I’ve tossed around where I’m going with this. Right now I’ve decided to experiment with posting vignettes of my story only changing them from non-fiction to fiction. It’s fun! I post on Friday’s only. I can handle this right now. Please check back with us to let us know where you’re going with The Happy Quitter.

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  8. Whatever you decide will be the right decision. Just let us know, okay? And for myself? I love to read about other people’s likes and dislikes, food loves and abhorrences and such…so writing about those things isn’t out of the question nor boring at all…BUT if one does have a full, rich “real” life, I think balancing how much time we spend with our head in an electronic world is a valid concern. Too many have given over and just dwell there now. To ME? Those folks are the really boring ones…they never have anything to say..perhaps they’ve forgotten how to communicate without a device in their hands..

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      • I feel the same about my blogging. I wasn’t sure about what to post. I had to spend time working and freelancing takes a lot of time to find work. Then my grandchildren who I am helping raise are getting older quickly. Time goes by so fast now it seems. Sitting on the computer to do anything is annoying me. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and you were one of my first followers. Thank you so much for remaining so though I have not produced much in the last couple of years. But, the desire is coming back to get to it. So, perhaps your fire will reignite with some time off. Best wishes always!

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  9. I think you answered your question…your blog is yours, you put on it what you want, your readers respond as they see fit and I don’t think you should make any apologies for what you blog about…I have enjoyed reading your blogs about the politics in your country, I agree with your opinions on all that not that my opinions matter, but I think your blog and mine included should be all over the place as that’s the fun of not being tied to one format or another. Have a good break.


  10. Hurry back slowly, and if that sounds silly it’s probably because it is…..maybe! Anyway, take whatever time you need. We’ll be waiting to see you whenever you return, and, if you don’t, we’ll remember you with fond memories.

    Wait, you have to come back now that you’ve whetted our appetites with mention of pancake soup and liver dumplings. (Actually, I hate liver)

    Bon voyage, whatever you decide.


  11. monkey understand what nonsmokingladybug say because often monkey feel same or similar way. sometime monkey feel like prospect of making blog post loom up like long ride through dark rainy day in iowa. sometime monkey look with excitement for share idea nice with follower. most of time monkey feel someplace in between 2 extreme.


  12. As someone who is on an extended blog go-slow, you are one of the few bloggers I still check out every time I see a post from you. Although, like you, I never planned to have a political element in my own blogging, I like many of your posts and I am always interested in your political ones. You give me the view from Americans that I can relate to, which takes the sting out of the images that reach our UK television. You post at a rate I could never have managed and a break from any regular activity is good, so go for it. Enjoy the freedom and blitz the Inbox. I would be sad if you vanished altogether, so please come back, even if you make it more occasional.

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    • Goodness, I can just imagine the American image that’s being painted all over the world, after all, look who we voted into office. Fall is just my time of the year. Open windows, menopausal friendly weather, hiking, bike tours and then there is work.

      I am not sure what I will do (blog-wise) but I have your email address so we will stay in touch.

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  13. I think about that too sometimes. My blog started in 2006 or there abouts when went back to school after the age of 50. It was the beginning of the internet thingy for me, and I didn’t even know what a blog was. After I graduated I wondered if I should continue, because the purpose originally was to write about going to school with a bunch of 20 somethings when I was over 50. But then I couldn’t seem to stop. Now it’s morphed into something like yours, all over the place, but mostly travel and photography and of course Katie-girl.


  14. A hiatus enables the heart to reconnect with the head perhaps. I follow my heart, you may follow that or you may follow your head but whichever it must feel comfortable to you and if that is nothing at all then that’s dandy too. Enjoy the pause, however long it turns out to be. And I will miss you.


  15. I have been wondering about the same , lately, and agree with your ideas……
    Since a long time I ‘ve been posting mere photos , with very short texts, if any , …., sensing that my words wouldn’t be of much interest for my followers……
    Actually , I get bored when posts are too long, or , simply , don’t find the time to read all them….

    I love Photography and I think I’ll go on posting my pics , relating to the numerous challenges spread in the blogosphere…..and the future’s not our to see for other decisions….!

    It’s been a great pleasure to meet you , (even if only virtually) and to read your posts: they’ve always been very interesting and valuable…

    Ciao, carissima, I can understand your reasons for quitting , I can also share your perplexity about spending your time this way…..but you’ll be missed!


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