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Most of us are very fortunate. We can afford to go overboard, and we do it every year around Thanksgiving. We cook for an army of people, even though there will only be a handful at the dinner table. Instead of one side dish, we have four or five. 

Leftovers everwhere. Cake and pies, stuffing and gravy, cranberries and of course the rest of the bird. A 20-pound turkey goes a long way in an average household. Cooking blogs are posting turkey leftover recipes by the minute.

The best idea for Thanksgiving leftovers is the perfect start to the Holiday season. Give your leftovers away. Help the ones in need.

Buy bread, cheese, bottled water and brown bags and make turkey sandwiches. Go to the places where you know the homeless people gather and offer them. Be patient, and understand if some will decline. In times like this its’ hard to trust strangers; homeless people have been hurt in the past, just like kids have been hurt with candy on Halloween.

And if you don’t have the time to do that, try donating Thanksgiving leftovers to your local food bank. Call them, and find out if they accept cooked leftovers or only canned food items.

Call homeless shelters and others shelters and ask if you can help out by giving away delicious leftovers from your home. Call schools that have a free after-school meal program for the kids in need. You will be surprised how many there are.

Remember, what’s a leftover to you, might be a feast for others.

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12 thoughts on “Greatest Turkey Leftover Recipe

  1. I took half my bird down to my cousin. She is my age roughly, but in much worse circumstances and her cats LOVE turkey. So she, her boyfriend and her cats all got Thanksgiving dinner (well part of it … I took potatoes too) because I had too much. But I LOVE your idea and may incorporate it next year. The rest of the left overs this year are already spoken for. Little dogs eat a LOT don’t they? 😉 Or maybe I’ll try it around Christmas because I usually have too much ham…

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    • Our little puppy ate so much turkey, she will have to join me on a diet soon. She loved it. They always get the “clean up” meat and of course I forget bits and pieces and the dog bag gets bigger and bigger.

      I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving.


  2. I really like the personal touch of making the sandwiches and handing them out. But I also recently learned that a local foundation that serves the homeless in our area have created an Amazon wishlist (food) and people can donate directly that way. It’s totally impersonal, but it still contributes. It’s odd sometimes the cognitive dissonance as we see Amazon taking over the world, so to speak, yet at the same time creating a very positive means to a good end! And you’re so right…what we had at our table yesterday was very nearly embarrassing!

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    • I have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. But every time I am looking for something, I end up buying from Amazon again.

      I fear they will push grocery stores and many other businesses over the cliff if we don’t watch it. But goodness it’s convenient.

      Our table was embarrassing as well and it didn’t make me feel good.

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  3. so true. We have an organization here that collects leftover food from weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties and organizes it into portions. It is stored in a volunteers extra refrigerators in a garage, and can be picked up by appointment to be given to someone in need. It makes a huge difference for people to know there is a resource for food- and cuts the tremendous amount of leftover waste from celebrations from not going in the garbage.

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  4. Well done. That truly is the spirit that should be adopted. I will be on my own in this city this Christmas. Today I signed up to work at ‘le Soupe Populaire’ – we will make and give out Christmas meals and meals before and after Christmas (they make meals every day …. I should think about working there every week …. this was on the advice of my homeless friend Étienne. Out of the mouths of the least fortunate comes the best advice.

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    • “Out of the mouths of the least fortunate comes the best advice.” oh how much I love this.

      You might want to contact a senior home or a senior nursing home. You will be surprised how many elderly don’t have anybody to visit (same goes for hospitals.) Just a book and a story to read or a goofy littel xmas tree is all it takes to make someone smile. 🙂


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