The Cleaning Fairy and the Drill Seargant – Part II

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When I was a newlywed and a young student I cleaned offices late in the evening. I remember my first interview very well. The owner was hesitant toward my age. He thought I would lack experience, but gave me a try when I told him about the women who had trained me to SEE DIRT.

My Grandmother, aka Eagle-eye, could sense dust and dirt a mile away and then there was Sister Martha, the nun in boarding school, who taught me to have the prettiest folded sheet corners on my bed any human being could have. Both were only satisfied with absolute perfection, and I spent my childhood years trying to achieve this stage. They were searching for dirt and dust bunnies, and they always succeeded. They even looked happy when the top of their pointer finger was covered with dust -me not so much.

They also showed me where to look to judge if a house is cleaned the right way. Until this day I  touch the underneath of the sink when I visit a new bathroom. (Just kidding -I would never admit that I would do anything like it.)

The office owner listened to me and gave me a chance. He told me I could start the next day at 8 pm. To my surprise, the parking lot wasn’t empty when I arrived. I let myself in, heard laughter downstairs in the breakroom. I knocked and let them know I had arrived, went back upstairs and started cleaning the office rooms.

A couple of hours later, I went back downstairs and started cleaning the restrooms. When I shut the door to the men’s room and mopped in the corner behind the door, I found a shriveled olive. “These people love to party,” I thought and finished my job -all but the breakroom.

I interrupted them again, told them I would clean the breakroom the next day and wished them a good night. The boss invited me in and introduced me to the people in the room. A younger man got up and went outside, and when he came back, he was laughing and shouted, “She found the olive!” 

They had tried different cleaning companies, but none of them had looked in the corner behind the door, and the poor olive shriveled more and more. I had passed the test and got the job for good. I cleaned their office -and others- for about two years.

I couldn’t help but think about this story when I tried out my cleaning fairies. I hit the kitchen cabinet when I moved a cake, and a small amount of icing is stuck to the corner of the kitchen cabinet. 2 months and 4 cleaning fairies later -it’s still there. White frosting on a white kitchen cabinet -such a mean thing to do.

So far none of the cleaning fairies has found the OLIVE  in my kitchen.

…To be continued tomorrow

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19 thoughts on “The Cleaning Fairy and the Drill Seargant – Part II

  1. Yes …… the nuns …….. I learned how to make ‘hospital corners’ from the nuns when I volunteered as a candy striper. To this day ……….. perfect sheet corner folds. 😀 Loved your story! ❤

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  2. {sigh} I would be so happy to have a cleaning fairy … especially one that actually did a good job. Sorry – but that spot of icing on the cabinet would make me insane.

    This story reminded me of a conversation I had with my brother once. He was trained as a building inspector and was talking about things to look at in a home you may be interested in buying. The only thing I remember him saying was about looking behind open doors … although he wasn’t finding shrivelled olives 🙂

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  3. Your story almost makes me want to try to find a cleaning fairy again. Almost. Bur probably not. It’s just to frustrating to have someone in the house and then have to do the work over again later.


  4. Heh. The “cleaning fairy” DOES exist, but she costs. And none of them (I’ve had quite a few now) measure up to our ideal of the ‘cleaning lady’. Or at least the version created by people such as Agatha Christie; where some old and crabbed creature comes in to “char” for her people and the floor (flagstone more than likely) is so sanitary one might eat off it literally. My own fairy, whom I’ve had a couple of years now, doesn’t hit high marks more often than not, she does NOT do windows ever (but I was told that in the beginning), and recently when I moved the recliner couch in my den (she was present) I was horrified at the dust and ‘stuff’ under there, she clearly doesn’t move furniture around to vacuum under it. Except in the kitchen, where she takes everything out (including furniture) and mops the whole thing. And she does fabulous bathrooms. I can live with the dust bunnies under the couch, and the untouched windows because she does that last thing. Anyone can come to use my facilities and be assured of pristine environs. I hate cleaning bathrooms more than any other chore I can name, so my fairy and I get along just fine. I hope you find one like her, whose foibles and oddities you can live with. And tell your husband of COURSE one cleans before the cleaning lady/person shows up!! We could NOT let THEM see our house ‘au naturel” now could we?

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    • ‘Au naturel’ made me laugh out loud, too funny.
      I am rather stunned to know I am normal after all. Cleaning “before” and “after” the cleaning lady seemed to make no sense at all. Who would have thought it is almost a requirement.

      I found the process of hiring a cleaning fairy highly entertaining. 🙂


  5. When I worked for a cleaning company, we had one woman leave pennies behind things to “check” our work, which was okay I guess, but they would get vacuumed up and mess up the vacuum cleaners. I mean, were we supposed to catch them before the vacuum? Where were we supposed to leave them if we picked them up? It was weird. I hated cleaning her house.

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