Where are they?



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Today I spent 5 minutes searching under my bed for the socks, that I thought I had to wear when I went to bed last night. I am not really sure how I do it, but I think I pull them off during the night, and then somehow the poor socks fly through the bedroom, and end up at places no sock should be. Perhaps they get scared when I start my menopausal toss-and-turn- routine in the middle of the night, and that’s why they hide under the bed sometimes. Socks have feelings too, you know.

I assume I insult them when I tell them they are not needed  anymore. First when I go to bed, I feel so cold that I wear them proudly and then, a few hours later, I kick them to the curb, when my internal heater kicks on. Menopause is not for sissies.

I seem to get rid of my socks one by one and sometimes I wake up during the process. It’s hard to walk to the bathroom with only one sock in the middle of the night. It just feels odd, but I am too tired to care and continue my walk of shame back to the bed -half dressed on my feet.

So my workout routine in the morning during the winter months, is daily SOCK SEARCHING and it keeps me busy.

Goodness, I am so easily entertained these days.



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9 thoughts on “Where are they?

  1. Mine come off in much the same way, especially if I have blankets that are made of polyester or nylon or other petroleum-based plasticy stuff. Wool and cotton blankets let me sleep much better with healthier heat regulation–same with what I wear to bed.

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