4 Years – 1000 posts and $8,760 missing

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Finally, my computer is back up and running. No more typing with tiny buttons on phone or tablet. Looking at a screen without reading glasses feels so much better.

I reinstalled my old calendar program and today in the morning an anniversary firework popped up. As usual, I would have forgotten, but today is my 4-year quit- anniversary. Smoke-free for 4 years and $8.760 saved, which I just can’t find. 

If you take my husband into consideration, who will be smoke-free for two years in June, then we saved over 10K, and I would really like to know what we did with all that money.

It would be enough for a nice trip to Europe or Asia, or it could fulfill some of our wishes and dreams, like the secret sunroom and the smokehouse we always talk about. Oh, well it’s gone. We spent it on everyday luxury articles like toilet paper and pork chops.

When I just sent another post into the blogging world, WordPress reminded me that I have written 1,000 posts since I started blogging. I am not so sure if that makes me feel good or not, but there you go. 1,000 posts in 3 1/2 years. It’s almost a post a day and a lot of time spent in front of the computer, what doesn’t make me too happy.

But I did it anyway and I will continue to spread my wisdom and my silliness with whoever wants to read -or pretend to read all of it. 🙂

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Well…1001 now 🙂




32 thoughts on “4 Years – 1000 posts and $8,760 missing

  1. Wonderful Double celebration Bridget.. I know what is that extra cash spent on.. 🙂 My hubby stopped smoking when he was 40, and so has been stopped 30 yrs… And dare not even think about the amount a packet of cigarettes cost today in the UK.. Let me go see if I can find out. Looking across the brands in adds in supermarkets here. They cost any thing from £7-69, to £ 9-50 I do not know how people afford to smoke..
    xxx Well done You and for your 1,000 post xxx Happy Smiles 🙂

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  2. Wow $10,000! I have my smoking daughter with me for a month and she cannot afford her habit. Maybe the figures might make her rethink ….. congrats also on all those posts. Since I have followed your work I have never been disappointed – you have a consistently high standard and should be so proud of yourself. I’m very glad to have found you x


  3. Congratulations on both fronts! Especially the smoking anniversary. Maybe this year you can put the price of a pack of cigs (How much are they now anyway?) away each week and go on a trip together in early 2019.

    I for one like reading your blog, and try to read most of it regularly! 🙂

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  4. Congratulations on many layers – nonsmoking anniversary, posting milestone, and a working computer again. You’re on a roll of positivity 🙂

    … and in terms of the missing savings, my question is – what kind of toilet paper are you using anyway?!! 😉

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  5. Good for you. I’m sure the money will turn up somewhere…maybe in reduced health costs?

    My dad quit after being a four-pack a day man for decades, waking every night to smoke and cough out a lung, and one day he just gave it up and stayed done with it, despite continuing to drink and to spend times at bars and pubs. He also did not leave a giant pile of saved cash from not smoking. Oh well–we also got much healthier though.

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