It’s snowing

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It started snowing last night. I felt it when I woke up. The darkness outside was brighter, the silence quieter and my soul smiled. 

The love for snow is deeply embedded inside me, always has been. As a child, I sat on the window sill and looked outside, watched the snowflakes cover my world under a white blanket.

So many years later, I still sit by the window and look outside and I feel the same excitement. Snow is my friend, not my enemy, no matter where I am.

It seems each flake brings a treasured memory. Pictures of snowmen and igloos, the laughter during the snowball fights. The first crush when we were skiing, the kiss that turned my little world upside down. Rescue missions in the mountains, that not always had a happy ending.

Later on, two men will come by and shovel our driveways and the walkway to my workroom. They get paid with money and sandwiches, and we will talk for a while, as we always do. They love snow as much as I do -but not for the same reasons. They make money when it snows, money that helps them survive.

I can’t reach them by phone, and I don’t have to. They always show up; I can count on them. Many here on my street have hired them as well, but they are “my guys” -always will be.

The neighbors will come out, and they will complain about the weather and the amount of snow we got, and I will behave like an adult. I will nod and pretend to agree, while inside me the little girl will look around in amazement and clap her hands with joy.

Snow is part of who I am, always has been, always will be. It belongs to my life like the sun and the wind. I left the mountains in Italy a long time ago, but they never left me.

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17 thoughts on “It’s snowing

  1. I love the snow and always did. It did me real harm to live in places where the climate change has wrecked that up–my body was used to decades of snow in winter and did not understand the change.

    I am so happy that we have seasons here near Woodstock NY. Yes, I am glad I don’t have to drive or ride in it and am lucky to be able to work from home if needed. Still, I love that it is snowing again and I feed the birds and squirrels and chippies and everyone out on the patio and watch them be alive in it. It’s a great thing to feel, that the world is somewhat ‘normal’ again, however briefly.

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  2. What a lovely glimpse into “Ladybug”. I’ll have to remember this post and come back to read it on the days when it snows, because I don’t love the snow. Not like that. Of course this year the weather gods didn’t send very much to Utah at all, so I’m not complaining. It was really rather a perfect Winter here. Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories with us and your love of snow!

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