How about these Dishes?

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I love our kitchen, but it’s rather small, and whenever I feel like I cannot live another day without a dishwasher, I look at the cabinet space I would lose and my desire for another appliance flies out of the window. 

Mostly I don’t mind, but some days I feel rebellion against the neverending used dishes in the sink. My husband -bless his little heart- seems to think that helping with the dishes means to bring them to the kitchen sink. Dealing with the mess seems to be my job entirely.

I pick my battles wisely and having a fight over dirty plates is not one of them. However, somehow I wanted to let him know that he could take care of the dishes once or twice a year, perhaps even more than that.

I sat down and looked for funny kitchen signs online. Something that would make him smile, but also hopefully would get my message across.

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Image result for dirty dishes sign funny

Image result for dirty dishes sign funny

While I was still trying to decide with one to print, I found another one that made me rethink my plan.



Yes, we are lucky, we have food in our stores. We have jobs and make enough money so we can buy what we need. We have a home where we can cook and enjoy our meals. A lot of people are not that lucky.

Yes, dirty dishes are a sign of a good life I suppose. But it’s not just mine, it’s his too. (There we go again, the rebellious gene comes through.)


18 thoughts on “How about these Dishes?

  1. A dishwasher became a non-negotiable very early in our marriage after son #1 was born. On those few occasions over the years when the dishwasher has failed to do its job, I’ve been in a borderline panic.
    Having said that though, I am lucky that Gilles cleans up the kitchen with me everyday. It’s one of those everyday miracles that makes me very grateful 🙂

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  3. My husband will do the dishes if I cook dinner for us (which doesn’t happen often because of my health). It’s a habit an old roommate beat into his brain a long time ago (bless her). But, since we tend to eat at different times, and he usually eats at work, we accumulate our own dishes, and he simply doesn’t see the mess. He’s not programmed to wash them unless someone point blank asks him to. So they stack up, and I end up doing them. I told him yesterday that I “looked at the dishes a couple of times” but didn’t have the energy to wash them. He didn’t get the hint. ^_^ I washed them this morning while I still had energy to move. Ha! Luckily, because he eats out most days and my meals are limited, we don’t make many dirty dishes.

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  4. I’ve been round this mulberry bush too – and we do have a dishwasher. Out of habit my husband will fill it most of the time, and empty it too if he gets around to it. BUT what doesn’t go into the washer, I wash up and if I fill it myself I can get twice as much in and therefore don’t have to do much washing up… so I try to nip in there when he has filled it but before it gets started to put all the rest of the items in. I still wash up at night or first thing in the morning. So you see, dishwashers are great, but not the whole solution and your last notice is the one to concentrate on.

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    • Normally I don’t mind, it is a part of my everyday life and to be honest, I do it best anyway -or so I believe. Just sometimes I get tired of it.

      I knew what I got myself into when we fell in love with the house. Lots of room -even hidden rooms but a small kitchen.

      You are right, the last quote is the one to concentrate on.

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