Debt, Deficit and Marriage

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I will not pretend that I understand it all. I am not a politician; I make an honest living like so many of us. I read the news, sadly lots of it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I am not smart enough to see the bigger picture or perhaps too smart to be fooled easily.

Millions, Billions even Trillions -numbers are being thrown around like candy at a parade. So much debt and there is more too come. It is frightening. All of us, big or small, rich or poor, we need to pay more taxes to control our debt, but that’s not whats going to happen -at least not officially. Instead, we all get a tax break and once again, my head is spinning when I try to understand.

“No, no we all need to pay more,” I want to shout, but who would listen?

What if we in our everyday life would act like that?

Fictional conversation with my husband:

“Honey, we are broke, we can’t pay our bills anymore. Pretty much every credit card we own is maxed out and our income only covers the interest,” he informs me and I stare at him with shock.

“Goodness, we need to start saving money. Let’s sit down and figure out a plan.” I say but he shakes his head.

“I just ordered us a new car and a new TV set. Also, we will give a big party at the end of the months, and we will give everybody who will attend a present.”

“Are you out of your mind,” I scream and he just laughs.

“Honey, we are broke already, what do we care. We might as well go down with a roar,” he explains and I can’t help but wonder if he has lost his mind.

“We need to get a second and third job and make more money, cut down on spending and give up on things we don’t really need.” I try to convince him but he won’t listen.

“I don’t want everybody to now that we are broke, it would worry people. We will pretend to be fine to the very end,” he insists and I make a silent promise to myself to get money stashed away for the bad times after the big party.

When I read and listen to the news right now, I feel the same way. Time to stash away money for the bad times that I fear will visit us again. More saving, less spending in our family. I remember the last recession too well!

Too many families got hurt. I know, we felt it.

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16 thoughts on “Debt, Deficit and Marriage

  1. Don’t be frightened. The national debt is nothing more than a numbers game intended to create a sense of obligation in the people. This makes it easier to force austerity (higher taxes, less benefits) and policy changes through our representatives in government because honest people won’t generally oppose what is “required” to satisfy “their debts.” The truth is that every dollar in circulation in our economy is considered, on paper, to be a dollar that the U.S owes to various central banks… for creating that money. Our treasury used to create our money – debt free – but politicians can often be bribed, blackmailed, or otherwise manipulated, and so outsourcing our currency to a 3rd party bank (The Federal Reserve Bank) that we owe for the service is a thing. Some presidents have tried to change it – in Lincoln’s last address to congress he spoke of finally consolidating the printing of all U.S. currency in the hands of the U.S. treasury, out of the hands of bankers, but he didn’t last long after that.
    Don’t let it influence you though, it’s just numbers on paper. Paper burns well enough. Humans are creators of wealth, producers of resources, not indebted parasites who should slave and toil to pay ever greater interest margins to people who are creating nothing but illusion.


  2. Interesting post and brave for bringing up such a hot topic 😉. I don’t think the working class/ middle folk need to pay more. The gov’t needs to stop spending money and bailing out Wall Street. Businesses and the Uber wealthy need to pay their fair share of taxes too. Oh…and bank need to stop ripping people off and just getting a slap on the wrist for it. Who knew I had all this to say about? 😂

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  3. Funny, I had a similar conversation on the national level with my husband last night. I think it started when I mentioned to him that Sen Corker had spoken at the local Rotary Club Lunch earlier this week. Corker’s flip flopped position and vote on the tax cuts, when he had been selling himself as a deficit hawk, angered me. Now he’s talking about rescinding his retirement, and I could hardly be any angrier!

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  4. I am as mystified as you are, certainly! I think your fictional conversation is exactly what is taking place in Washington, and I’m fearful that all the “smoke and mirror” antics is completely devoid of integrity–a hallmark for this administration, however. I am concluding, much as you have described, that we need to be even more careful that we aren’t overextended anywhere. The ‘shoe dropping” moment has to hit at some point!


  5. And the things he proposes cutting—funding for NPR and PBS, Medicare and Medicade, social security—its all stuff that will adversely affect the lives of average Americans. Are we surprised anymore?

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  7. You can see it, I can see it, so many others can also see it! Will we ever see realism come back into politics? Those, who can afford to, need to pay more. The CEO’s do not EARN millions of dollars, they just get paid that amount and then avoid paying tax because they can afford to hire overpaid lawyers and financiers to do a legal fiddle. I shall rant no more, otherwise I shall blow up!

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