Let me feel, please!

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The numbness I feel when I hear about another mass shooting is alarming. Am I becoming cold-hearted, or is it a simple defense mechanism that helps me to avoid the hurt I felt so many times before. Yesterday, more innocent victims have been killed by another coward mass murderer with a gun, he should not have been allowed to have.

School shootings are particularly hard on me. Each and every time it happens I see an ocean of tears, cried by parents whose children left the house in the morning and were not allowed to come back home. They are forever gone, they left this life way too early because of our inability to use common sense.

The mass shootings will continue until we all will agree on stricter gun laws. How in the world can a 17-year-old have access to a gun -any gun? That’s something I just don’t understand. A child -no matter where- should not have access to a gun, neither shouldn’t they be allowed to own a gun.

The other day I wanted to watch a YouTube video and the advertisement before praised a new gun holster, one now can wear on the inside of their pants. Knowing that there is no age restriction on YouTube, I wondered about it, and it made me sad.

After Christmas, I changed my radio station, gave up the station I had listened to for so many years when the commentator made an advertisement for a shooting ranch. Cigarette commercials are banned, yet commercials for weapons are allowed?

Times have changed, that’s for sure. The Wild West was harmless, compared to today. Perhaps back then they had more common sense?

Hunters, go and hunt, I (still) eat meat, I understand. Allow people to have a gun in their home if they feel the need to have one, I am okay with that as well, BUT civilians don’t need semi-automatic weapons and no child or teen should be able to buy or get a gun.

I don’t want to feel numb anymore!

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23 thoughts on “Let me feel, please!

  1. Well, once again the Donald has said a few things on the issue that I can almost agree with. Notice how cautious this optimism is. That’s because I have been down this ultimately disappointing road, with him and the rest of country, too many times already. As he would say on Twitter – Sad! 😢


    • I respectfully disagree. We have lots of friends who are hunters and they process the meat and I get venison or wild boar, whenever I am a good girl. 🙂

      In the south you find many families who rely on hunting. From Squirrel to Opossums, they need the meat to feed their families. The poorer the region, the more “meat” hunters you will find.

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      • You are correct that is true in some regions here in the Northwest most hunters go for trophies. The state in Idaho sale the licence to hunt big game to out state. It brings a lot of money the the department. I don’t object to the hunt if the meat is used.


  2. Nobody should have access to weapons. For sport shooting and hunters you probably need an exception, but for the sport it would also do “blurred weapons”. I can not do anything with weapons except to create fear.

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  3. I hadn’t exactly heard this news…FB was full of anti-gun slogans and memes, so I knew something new had occurred. How awful and yes, as a nation, we’re becoming numb to the news. What a sad commentary. 😦

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  5. I am sorry things are so bad, and I think it’s normal to feel numb after being bludgeoned with too much unpleasantness and outright tragedy. It’s how the mind and body cope. My Tibetan Buddhist doctor told me not to watch the news since my health can’t take it. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care, but that I can’t right now allow myself to get needlessly harmed in ways that do not benefit others. I say prayers for all, the doers and the done-to, and I try to be good to others in my small ways. Sometimes that is the best I can do.

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  6. This is a beautifully written cry that you should not need to write. That is the simple truth. Common sense dictates that guns should not be allowed for children, that semi automatic and automatic guns are not needed by anyone. I simply cannot understand the insanity. I know you can’t either. I know pretty much no-one with any sense can. Sacrificing children on the alter of mindless politics is pretty damned despicable …. but my words are fruitless, my anger and sorrow unheard by those that could make a change. However, we must not give up, we must not stop shouting, we must not be cowed and beaten for then all the lives brutally wiped out have been lost in vain. Go gently dear lady.


  7. Amen!

    There is no good reason for semi-automatic weapons to be available to the public.

    This new normal makes me so sad as well. I’m thankful I came across your post though as I need to read and connect with people today.


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  8. Our country is being destroyed by fascists, and their supporters, who raise their children to be racist and with guns to kill. Why does a teenager have a AK 47? Why does he post photos of himself on instagram in terrorist garb, with multiple guns, and combat knives, depicting the killing of small animals for fun, for two years, and no one does anything? We are on the path to self destruction in this country and now, finally, I am just really angry.

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