Too many stars are shining

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I wanted a new processor, a new motherboard, more memory and all the good stuff to finally transport my old desktop into the 21st century. 

Computer parts are often being sold in bundles and I rummaged around online, trying to find a bargain or something exciting, that wouldn’t break the bank.

Reading reviews and feedbacks, that’s part of the fun when you shop online and it could be so helpful IF people would understand how it works, even though it’s not that complicated. It’s just like in school, the more gold stars, the better.

Now look at this genius:

Reviews Idiots

His computer caught fire, the memory got roasted, money was wasted, and Sherlock here gives it a 4 -star rating. Come on, really?

I know you can’t expect miracles from a Motherboard/CPU bundle for only $45, but still, it’s money spend -money somebody worked for. (Perhaps he was grateful the house was still standing?)

People like this are allowed to operate machinery, they drive in public and -and what’s really scary- they are allowed to vote. No wonder we are in such a pickle. Good grief!

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10 thoughts on “Too many stars are shining

  1. Crazy…
    I hope you have success in finding what you need Bridget.
    I remember one time having a bad experience with a glazing firm who had the nerve to ask me to recommend them.. lol.. They definitely got the thumbs down. And NO Gold stars.. 🙂 I doubt my review ever got printed.. 🙂 lol

    Have a great weekend.. xx

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  2. I always wonder the same thing- someone doesn’t like whatever they ordered, but still give it 4 stars.. the other side is when someone gives it 1 star for some crazy personal preference- the item was fine, but they personally didn’t like something about it. I am always sifting through to find the truth!

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