Silent Tears

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Hiding behind a screen brings out the worst in some. How easy it is these days, to constantly offend and attack people with mean tweets and comments. I am often shocked by the brutality and coldness people can show, with just a few words. 

Language is a powerful weapon. Words, like stones, are thrown at you when you are most vulnerable. Reading comments on unmoderated online sites like Yahoo makes me physically sick to my stomach. Empathy, Civility, Humanity, and Compassion frequently seem to be nonexisting.

What I read online, is often such an insult to my core beliefs. I think the majority of people have a big heart and are good by nature. I need to believe that, because my world would fall into pieces, if I would think otherwise -and so would I.

I know I am right. I can see it everywhere, we all can. It just seems that our focus has shifted. The loud and noisy get the attention these days, what is a shame. THE GOOD often happens quietly, unseen and unnoticed.


Tears cried in silence are the hardest one for me to witness. I cannot watch people cry without interfering in some form or way. Crying is a plea for help -help that I am so willing to give, but often don’t know how and when to give it.

I suppose tears would show me the obvious and could guide me. Imagine all the homeless and the hungry in this world would cry -I suppose we all would help more.

Perhaps I need to learn to search for uncried tears, to prevent the real ones from happening.






15 thoughts on “Silent Tears

  1. Beautifully said. The old advice that if you don’t have anything good to say you should say nothing seems to have got lost. Cowards hide behind keyboards. It makes me wonder if they are like that in real life situations too, or whether they somehow develop a malignant alter ego – a Mr Hyde – when they see a keyboard. Beautiful version of the song too, new one on me.

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      • A good find: over 25 million views on YouTube! I’d never heard of her before. The awful version of the song by The Disturbed copies her approach – a pity hers isn’t better known than theirs, though I gather it has been used in the States for a tv series trailer.

        I just wonder at how these people exist in everyday life. If they say these sorts of things face to face they’ll be attacked sooner or later! But I guess they’re just cowards hiding behind a façade.

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        • I love the version by Disturbed. Its’ angry, aggressive, loud and accusatory. Her version cannot be bought, it’s only on youtube, what makes a diffence. I love the silent approach as much as the loud one. Perhaps it was just a great song with good lyrics to begin with? 🙂

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          • Each to their own! I just think the guy can’t sing! It must be a contractual thing, as she also covered a Soundgarden song and that is available to buy. It is a great song, one that has been with me since I was a kid 😊


  2. You are not wrong, the world is full of kind decent people, they are the majority. There are sad, bitter, angry, mean and vengeful people too, but as in a school, there are usually one or two bullies and some weak hangers-on, the rest are good, though not perhaps as brave as they should be. I wish I were braver. I cried listening to the Sounds of Silence.

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  3. When my dad was killed by a tired truck driver our attorney exclaimed “Why are such GOOD people being killed in semi crashes?” My brother said, quietly, that he thought the world was full of good people, so statistically it wasn’t unusual if semi crash victims seem always to be great people. I’ve never forgotten that discussion, and it was 14 years ago. My brother is right, most people are good, but we can all be cowed into silence by the few nasty but loud people out there. It’s hard to stand up to them. But we should keep trying.

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  4. I believe there is a way for GOOD to be loud and noisy as well. The problem is that people who tend to be good to others are also humble and not willing to shout about it. The people who are mean to others have no qualms (no soul) in doing so. And it seems when you try to engage with the mean people, the language just gets worse. I think we can only keep being kind to and loving others, but with a louder, stronger voice that drowns out the trolls on social media.

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