And the Oscar goes to

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The coming Sunday, just like every year, golden Oscars will be handed over to the creme de la creme. Hollywood will celebrate Hollywood, and only the best and worthy will win -so they say.

Too often have I found myself wondering what criteria must be fulfilled to be nominated for the award.

Last year, the big winner was La La Land -and even so, the movie itself did not win- I can tell you, the film did not disappoint. It did exactly what it promised to do, it was so unbelievably dull, it put us at lightning speed into La La Land and we were both sound asleep after 30 minutes.

It wasn’t the first time I felt betrayed. Great movies have been left out throughout the years, and so did actors and actresses, while others won for a reason, I could never figure out.

This year we decided to stream some of the Oscar-nominated movies.

The Shape of Water. I expected a lot, had fallen in love with Sally Hawkins in Maudi another film that never made it to the Oscars but should have. Her performance is excellent -as always- but the movie itself is rather lame. It’s just another take on the same old Beauty-and-the-Beast-story, this time in the water. A mute cleaning lady falls in love with Aquaman -may they happily swim ever after.

Ladybird and Get Out are both good films for a rainy day. Would I watch either one again? NOPE…time served!

We didn’t make it all the way through Dunkin and Phantom Thread –we just couldn’t get into it, what is, of course, our fault entirely.

The Darkest Hour is a one-man show about Winston Churchill and while Gary Oldman is brilliant, the movie itself falls flat and doesn’t come together.

We haven’t watched The Post and Call me by your Name -due to streaming issues. Both titles sound very interesting and promising, however, I don’t have an opinion -yet.

The winner for me is clearly Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri. Frances McDormand and Woody Harrelson -who are both nominated as well and should win- give outstanding performances. The movie itself took my surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The twist and turns in the movie were unexpected, the movie allowed me to feel a broad spectrum of emotions.

So, there it is. My first Oscar predictions. I better be wrong!

As for the big Oscar night. I will do what I always do -watch something else or read a book! I am not a celebrity worshipper -never have been, never will be.

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17 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to

  1. I watched Three Billboards last night and found it very good. The Shape of Water was offered, at $15 to ‘buy’ it (own it in the cloud or some nonsense like that), and I don’t spend that kind of money on something unseen. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll wait for it to hit the bargain bin. The others (including LaLa Land) just haven’t intrigued me enough to even bother with them. And like you, what constitutes a “celebrity’ remains a huge mystery. I saw Valerian recently too, and if those two lead actors are anything to go by, we’re in for a mighty dry spell. Neither (IMHO) could act worth spit. They must be some teen idols or something… the movie wasn’t bad though.

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    • I am glad you enjoyed the movie. Phew 🙂

      If you have time and you will be in the mood for a more quiet movie, you might want to watch “Maudie,” and if you do, let me know if you liked it -or not.


  2. I have had the same reactions to movies others tell me are great movies. If a film doesn’t grab me 20 minutes in then I turn it off if not already asleep by then. You are right too in that there are some wonderful films that never get the attention they deserve.

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        • Hello,
          Just to let you know that I watched Maudie this afternoon. Thanks for putting me onto it I very much enjoyed it. There’s something so very stark about the landscape in Nova scotia and so fitting for this story. As a drama person I am always keen to see good actors and both Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke were brilliant in their respective rolls. There were key moments for me like her Aunt telling Maud was the only happy one in the family. I also saw the justice in selling her brother a painting for a $ more than the price, telling “the price just went up.”
          I have a son who is a practicing artist and I understand the poverty angle to such a career.
          Thanks again for the heads up on this film, so pleased I got to see. Enjoy your weekend when it comes your way.


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