Alred Hitchcock – A Genius without an Oscar

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It was late in the evening, I was glued in front of your small TV and watched The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. My Grandmother had long gone to bed, the living room was dark, and I enjoyed staying up late, as every child does.

The scene in the movie, when all the birds chase Tippi Hedren and the children, woke up my Grandmother’s parakeet. Like every night, its cage was covered with an old towel, to make sure the bird would not be disturbed in its sleep. It did not work!

All of a sudden the little bird acted crazy. I heard him flying around, and he made some noises that were far from singing. It scared me so much, and my imagination got the best of me. I got up and moved the cage into the kitchen, just to be on the safe side.

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That night I fell in love with Alfred Hitchcock’s work and became a fan for life.

What a genius he was? What a brilliant filmmaker. I think I watched all the movies he made and not just once. Rare Window – Marnie – Pyscho -Spellbound just to name a few. To this day I can’t resist rewatching one the old masterpieces.

Alfred Hitchcock was nominated for the Acadamy Awards for Rebecca – Lifeboat – Spellbound – Rear Window and Pyscho yet one of the greatest filmmakers of all times never won an Oscar.

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Sixteen films directed by Hitchcock received an Oscar nomination, though only five of those were assigned to him. Along with Robert Altman, Clarence Brown and King Vidor, he is tied for the most nominations in the category of Best Director – five apiece – without a win. However, four of his films also earned Best Picture nominations (Foreign Correspondent in 1941, Suspicion in 1942 and Spellbound in 1946, plus winning Rebecca from 1941). The total number of Oscar nominations (including winners) earned by films he directed is fifty. (Source Wikipedia)

Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons I am so cynical -and critical- about the Academy Award and the golden Oscar statuette. If the Award leaves out the really great -and there a numerous of them- what is an award worth in the end?

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9 thoughts on “Alred Hitchcock – A Genius without an Oscar

    • It’s quite a farce I am afraid. One of the nominated movies this year is “Get Out” a thriller about a black man who get involved with the wrong white family (trying not to give it all away.)

      Black people are angry in the U.S. and I think that this movie will could wind tonight, just so Hollywood can pretend that they are not a bunch of white, privileged snobs. 🙂

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  1. The Birds scared me to death and I had nightmares for days. I watched it with a friend, we were 9 or 10 years old. But it was genius and I watched it many times as an adult. I agree with you totally- what a farce the Oscars can be

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  2. Oh how I loved Alfred Hitchcock! I was about 10 when I started watching, late at night, shaking in my boots. I saw them all, too. One of the episodes called “The Jar” (a Ray Bradbury piece) about the farmer that buys the big jar at the carnival that his wife hates? (Too bad for her it was the size of her
    head! 😦 What happened to all the great shows??


  3. Awards are political. It’s rarely about the best. It’s more about positioning. When someone wins an award, I may acknowledge the body of work if I like it – but my question remains “why, them?” The answer reveals the story.

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    • Wise words spoken with ease. Just look at this years Grammy awards. The song of the year was without a doubt “Desposito” by Luis Fonsi. The video clip watched half a Billion times on youtube all over the world. It didn’t win and I wondered about the “Latino politics” coming from the current White House administration. A Latino song winning the song of the year, perhaps it would have been too bold?

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